The Most Obnoxious, Repetitive Kid Messes of All Time

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I've written about my husband's most irritating household fails, and I've documented some of my own less-than-stellar habits, but really, adult-created messes are nothing compared to the Tasmanian Devil effect children have on a home. Thanks to my boys, I feel like Sisyphus on a daily basis: there goes my (laundry-shaped, LEGO-studded, peanut-butter-encrusted) boulder up the hill ... and here it comes, right back down to where it started.

It's hard to single out the most maddening kid-caused chores, because there are SO VERY MANY OF THEM, but I walked around the house recently snapping pictures of a few things that drive me straight up a wall, every single day of my life. Maybe you'll recognize some of this brain-melting kid clutter -- or maybe your house is Martha-perfect at all hours of the day. (If that's the case, for the love of 409, don't tell me.)
Behold, the most irritating kid messes that eternally plague my house:

Every single night. Every single night.

"Hey, what happened with the toilet paper in here?" "I don't know! I was wiping my butt!"

Sure, the toy box seems like a super place to store dirty laundry and garbage.

This one's not so much of a mess as it is just plain CRAZYMAKING: who takes one bite of a sandwich then wanders away, never to return? Related: do you know how much of my monthly salary goes to 40-ounce jars of Jif?

Oh look what I found in the dryer. AGAIN. The best is when it's a glass marble that's been heated to approximately eleventy billion degrees and it falls out and sears the living bejesus out of my foot.

Speaking of laundry, is anything ever right side out? No. No it is not.

The most exhausting aspect of kid messes is that there's always just ... random crap. Random crap EVERYWHERE. Here have a seat oh sorry let me move that unless you're into Star Wars-themed Fifty Shades ass play?

Seriously. I'm not 100 percent certain what this is -- a Beyblade ripcord? -- but I can tell you this much: IT DOESN'T BELONG ON THE DAMNED MICROWAVE.

I used to make beds every morning, only to see this by midafternoon. Then I said to myself, self? Fuck this shit.

Do any of these messes happen on a regular basis in your house?

Images via Linda Sharps

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nonmember avatar Melissa

The teeny little rocks from the school playground. They're everywhere! On the floor in the entryway, in their beds, in my washer and dryer. I wonder how the playground has any rocks left with my three boys bringing home 10 pounds of them on a weekly basis!

Melis... Melissa1508

Hahaha  Linda!  You're awesome.  Yes, I agree with the above poster.  My four year old daughter brings home gobs of rocks in her shoes!  I have no idea how she wears them all day.  Shoes dropped in the kitchen, toothpaste spit all over the sink, random crap everywhere...but boy do I love that kid.  :)

nonmember avatar kristi

Let me tell you a bit of a story. Strange smell wafting up from the leather lounger in the living room. By strange I mean it was a "what in the Lord's name is that SMELL" kind of stink. Hubby tore the whole chair apart only to find 60+ (yes I counted them) Flintstone vitamins! My son hated the taste so each morning he tucked them in the chair. Nice. The smell must have been activated by spilled juice that isnt allowed in the living room.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Haha I love it!  My biggest frustration right now are when my kitchen tools/dishes end up in the kids' bedrooms and I can't find them when I actually want to cook something and use them.  Then there is the toothbrush and toothpaste in a room other than the bathroom, can't find them when it is time to brush teeth. 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Laundry, laundry, and laundry. My son likes to turn up the cuffs on his jeans even when they're not too long and they come home full of mulch from the playground then wind up in the laundry basket halfway inside out like a mulch bomb. The socks are balled up, the sleeves are halfway inside out, and the underwear and socks often wind up missing. When I deep clean his room I always find loads of odd socks in toy boxes and under the bed.

Dishes too, they disappear randomly and then I find glasses with dried milk or juice cementing the end of the straw. When we renovated the kitchen last year I had the dishes packed away and he very helpfully packed his breakfast bowl. Sadly he didn't wash it first. Over a week later I tracked down the bowl complete with congealed milk and cereal in one if the boxes.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I can relate to all of these. I feel for you! And the flinstones vitamin comment made me LOL- reminds me of what I used to do with cherry tomatoes...except I would save them in my napkin at dinner and flush them down the toilet when I got the chance. Haha.

Mary Cimino

Mine's not from a kid but from an old roommate I had. He wasn't super messy but wasn't neat either, one day I'm in his room looking for dishes because once again he forgot to bring them up. As I was stacking a plate and cup I noticed his top drawer was open, I glanced inside and I found a plate with a waffle still on it covered in syrup. Wouldn't have been so bad but we hadn't had waffles in the house for at least a month. We laugh about it now obviously.

momto... momtolittleg

LOL!  The toothpaste hits a nerve with me.  My DD gets it everywhere!

She's also bad for leaving little pieces-parts (blocks,  HiHoCherry-O bits, tangram shapes, coins) EVERYWHERE.  And pieces of paper, which the cats promptly shred into itty-bitty pieces.  We've given her special folders to keep her artwork and papers in, but she never remembers.  So I wake up every morning to cat confetti.  Sigh.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

The toothpaste!!

Plus, CapriSun pouches.  A couple of weeks ago, I did some nitty gritty cleaning in my youngest son's room and pulled his bed completely away from the wall on the hunt for dust bunnies.  I found dust bunnies, all right, tangled in with a pile of SEVENTEEN empty CapriSun pouches!!!  He didn't feel like bringing them out to the garbage, but the corner of his bed where there's a small gap between the mattress and the wall is EXACTLY CapriSun juice pouch-sized.  He was trying to impress me with his grasp of geometry or something, I suppose.  Grrrr....

nonmember avatar April

LEGOS! Lego's EVERYWHERE. Couch cushions, under the couch, in the laundry. I have developed a seething hatred for legos. This has sparked a new rule in my house. If I ask you to pick up all of your stuff so I can sweep or vaccuum, and there are legos on the floor, they get vaccuumed or swept up into the trash. Lego's in my washer and dryer? Thrown away. And OMG the random rocks and pebbles my kids drag home.

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