8-Year-Old Girl Is Football League Star & Outshines ALL the Boys (VIDEO)

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football girlHere's what I know about football: Absolutely nothing. (Say it again!) But even I know enough to be jaw-droppingly amazed by 8-year-old Sam Gordon. Out of the 172 kids who tried out for the local pee wee football league, Sam tested the fastest in every speed and agility drill -- like, the FASTEST -- and ended up starting as quarterback, going on to post the following "ridiculous" stats: 1,911 rushing yards, 8.2 ypc and 25 touchdowns. Again, I know nothing about football, and even I know that's amazing. But here's the best part ...

Sam Gordon is a girl -- the ONLY girl to try out for the Gremlins, a boys youth league in Salt Lake City. And did I mention this is her first year playing football, ever?

Not surprisingly, Sam is now getting a lot of attention -- for her remarkable speed and talent, of course, as well as the obvious trailblazing girl football player thing. And of course people are wondering all sorts of things, from how she got interested in the sport to why her parents are allowing their little girl to play such a "dangerous" game. But Sam, who caught football fever when she started watching videos with her dad, has a very simple explanation:

"I'm a girl and I played football this year. I usually play soccer and I thought it would be fun to try to play football."

And there you have it, folks. She thought it would be fun. Why wouldn't you let your 8-year-old try a sport for fun, even if it was an unusual choice?! It just so happens that the girl is a natural. Seriously. Watch the highlight reel -- it looks like Sam is on fast-foward. Kid can run! Check it out:

Happy, talented, physically active kid ... pretty sure those are all good things. Girl, boy, football player, whatever. Right?

What do you think about Sam Gordon being the only girl on her football team?

Image via Brent Gordon/YouTube

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Texan... Texansfan713

That is awesome!!! My son also plays football with a girl on his team her first year she is MVP she also has the most snaps and touchdowns for jv..

jinxmom jinxmom

I think its awesome.  I saw the video yesterday and it was refreshing.  Too funny. They couldn't catch her lol As long as she enjoys it then she should play but I know like any other parent, they are nervous wrecks b/c football is such a physical game and the injury factor is something to be concerned about for any parent.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

It's cool that she gets to play and that she's so good but it's not like there are big differences in muscle density between girls and boys at 8. I'm not shocked a gifted girl athlete could easily outshine most boys at that age. 

Tal0n Tal0n

When I coached Jr Football, we had a girl on our team.  She was awesome.  She also went on to wrestle.  I kinda wish Chibi had had an interest in football, but she's a swimmer and archer.  I wish even more that Jr Football had come to my home town when I was young enough to have been able to play instead of just coach, announce games, ect.

But that was good too.  I was the conditioning coach.  Moms LOVED me. (kids SLEPT HARD when I got done with them)  Except the divorced ones who thought my dad was up for grabs.  I'm on tape, apparently, telling one of them off, in very clear terms.

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

The Mom in me is thinking, "Oh she is going to get hurt playing with all those rough housing boys!" But the woman side of me is thinking, "Hell yeah, you go girl!!"  I think it's great she is so good at it. I would be a proud momma for sure!

Sharon Barto

She's not the only girl playing football. There's a girl on the football team at East Lycoming school, in Hughesville, PA also! She loves it and her parents are ok with it for now. If they had this when I was a kid, I would've been on a baseball team as well. I begged my dad to let me, but they didn't allow it back then. Kids have the advantage to do what they want in this day and age. They are lucky. Let them try what they want!

Ashley Williams

I used to play football in middle school because there wasn't anything else I wanted to play. And I was the biggest never mind basically the fastest on the team. If it makes a person happy, why not!!

nonmember avatar Sarah

Im soooo damn proud of this little girl and her parents for doing this i played on an all boys baseball team n u guys will c that girls can do watever a boy can and better

ihear... iheartmiboys

I say this is awesome. We had a girl on one our flag football teams. She was really good also.

Dianne Rae Manno

Way to go Sam. Who said girlls can`t compete with boys?

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