Mom Confession: I Sent My Kid to School With Head Lice! (VIDEO)

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coffee shop confessionsI can honestly say that I try really, really hard not to be judgmental when it comes to parenting and the choices other moms make -- hey, I'm far from perfect as a mother, so who am I to say what's right or wrong?

But I have to admit I am completely and utterly horrified by the secret divulged on this episode of CafeMom Studio's Coffee Shop Confessions. HORRIFIED. Not necessarily because I can't understand why this mom did what she did, but, well ... head lice give me the CREEPS!!!

Really, I totally get that this mother was having a crazy week and a hectic morning and she didn't realize her kid had lice until a minute before they were going to leave for school AND the mom had an appointment at a salon right after drop-off ... but we're not talking about a stuffy nose here, we're talking about head lice! I would be SOOOO mad if my kid got lice from that mom's kid and I found out it was all because she didn't want to miss an appointment at the salon.

The Coffee Shop moms were similarity horrified, as you'll see when you watch this clip ... ugh.

Would you send your kid to school with head lice?

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purpl... purpleflower514

Oh HELL no! I can not even imagine the selfishness it must take to make a person do that.

Lynette Lynette

Absolutely NO EXCUSE in the world would be a good one for sending a child with lice to school!!!  Not only that but this Mom is going to a Hair Salon...are you kidding me?  IF she herself has it(she could, she hasn't checked) she could be infecting other women at the salon! 

4cadi... 4cadillac

mother of the year huh?...smh...

elle7777 elle7777

Oh no! Not a hair appointment! God knows you can't miss one of those....

Lovex23 Lovex23

Wow why wouldn't she be more worried about getting the blood sucking parasites off of her child's head!?

nonmember avatar Sarah

What is the world coming to? Seriously, infecting possibly hundreds of kids is not as important as a hair appointment. Does she leave her kids in the car while he runs into the bar for a few shots?

Selfish b!tch!!

Roni Clark

This infuriates me! I am a child care provider and have had this to happen to me. I had a mom enroll her children at my facility, 2 boys, 1 girl. The boys came in with crew cuts, nothing unusual. A couple days later, I get a call from their school saying that they cannot contact their mother at work but I needed to pick (the girl) up because she still had nits. (@_@) I was horrified! Here I am with the two younger boys, who may possibly have nits also, and they are asking me to pick up the older girl from school!

Now my concern is for all of the other children! I told the school that they would need to call another person from the contact list and that I would also try to contact the mother at work. Which I did and not in the nicest way! I called her job and asked to speak to her. They said she could not come to the phone. I explained exactly what was going on and that she needed to come for her children immediately! She promptly called me back. 20 minutes later she picked up her children and I have not seen them since. Then I had to inform the parents about what had happened. Fortunately, they all understood and everyone checked their children for the next couple of days and luckily no one was afflicted.

What a very inconsiderate thing for anyone to do to children!

Gages... Gages_Mommy32

Unacceptable!! What a selfish woman!!

chech... chechimansmama

Completely unacceptable. I'm in this situation as we speak but not with lice with a dreaming cold. My SIL shows up to our house Sunday evening with her son. He is burning up with a fever, threw up, and is coughing and sneezing and has a funny nose. She had literally left urgent care and decided it was a good idea to cone visit us. Now guess who has a super sick 3 yr old with an ear infection? And guess who's a sick 32 wk pregnant woman with a cold? I mean isnt it common sense and common decency not to do that. I'm glad a husband that speaks up and isn't afraid to tell his sister n e thing that may offend her or piss her off.

Brats... Bratsmama9507

Wow!! I think I've heard it all. This woman lacks in parenting skills or jus dwn right lazy. She could've reshedule her hair appt so she could take care of the lice issue. Why send her daughter to school and infect other children and their families tht is so unacceptable. I would've been real pissed if my kids came home with lice due to lack of common sense. She wanted to w8 til the wknd before she done something about it. Poor kid! Plus the girl looked old enough to stay home alone. She should of had the decency to keep her daughter home and inform the school about the lice problem.. it's already embarrassing for a child to hve lice and obviously the mother didn't care. She was only thinking of herself. How selfish is tht!?! Karma baby LOL (:

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