15 Wacky Things We've Found Packed in Kids' Suitcases

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suitcaseHave you ever opened up a bag your child packed for a trip and thought, "Why is she taking a hammer to the mall?" I have. Because a kid's idea of what's necessary and a parent's idea are about as far apart as Republicans and Democrats on the morning after election day.

Let's face it: our kids are weird! And we love them for it, we really do. But as blogger Southern Yankee Mix reminded us when she revealed her 6-year-old's bizarre packing list (anyone else see the need to bring a lantern and "2 pritty ponys" to Granny's house?), you really realize what's important to your kids when you take a look inside their overnight bag!

Think your kid has packed the craziest bag? Just wait until you hear what other children take along for the ride!

The Stir asked parents and a few aunties to weigh in on the weirdest packing jobs they've seen, and we've got some doozies for you:

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1. Rocks. Always rocks. Sometimes gravel.

2. Toys from a fast food chain to play with in the car ... as if we aren't stopping to get fast food on a 10-hour drive?

3. A friend of mine was going camping with her husband and three small kids. She put her hubby in charge of packing the kids' bags. He, in turn, told the kids to pack their own bags. Her 3-year-old daughter packed a bag of her favorite stuffed animals, but no clothes!

4. My son packs his underwear drawer!

5. It's what they don't pack. Once had my 8-year-old pack with a list. It wasn't until we got to our island destination did I realize that socks, pants, and UNDERWEAR were optional. UGH!

6. My daughter packs a separate suitcase for her doll. With an outfit for every outing!

7. LEGOS. Inevitably they break, pieces get lost, child cries massive tears, and parents resolve to make sure they oversee the packing process much more closely next time.

8. My 9-year-old takes a queen sized comforter. Blue and white checks on one side, blue flowers on the other. Did I mention he is a boy and it is falling apart. I keep sewing the stuffing back in. But, he takes it everywhere ... except bed. Because he sometimes is known to wet the bed and his logic is he doesn't want to get it wet!

9. Random small toys. And never anything useful like clothing. Fifteen books.

10. My son had to bring his Dad's chapstick on our last trip to visit my Dad. He liked to keep it in his pocket and smell it (and maybe taste it) every once in a while. I think it reminded him of Tim since he didn't come with us.

11. We brought an inflatable mermaid (about two feet tall) with us last year on one of our vacations.

12. My 6-year-old has this big purse she always walks around with, and it's full of small paper I cut for her and crayons and colored pencils. She won't leave the house with out that.

13. My son likes to bring his tools everywhere! I guess you never know when you will need to fix something.

14. My niece came to my house with a whole bucket of pretzels!

15. Not crazy, but she has to have her pillow pet with her, even when she goes to visit a friend overnight. (And she's 15).

All right, I know someone can top these! What is the craziest thing your child has packed for a trip?


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 Sounds about right to me! especially the ROCKS

puasa... puasaurusrex

My son (2) brings a frying pan everywhere. A little, you one, but a frying pan none the less. He even sleeps with it.

Todd Vrancic

@puasaurusrex, maybe you are raising the next Iron Chef!

Liltdanh Liltdanh

Every match box car he owns. About 50 or so of them in his cars two tin lunchbox or a mcdolands Halloween bucket plus his 4 dinosaurs.

Laura Desaulniers Lewis

Once we went on an overnight trip to Grandpa's and I realized (once we were there) that my 4 year old son had emptied all the clothing from his backpack and filled it entirely with jelly beans...upon asking him why he would do such a thing he replied "In case we need snacks!"

Shelly Edmiston Lee

My son is in pre-k and has started carrying a backpack to school each day.  After i get the kids to bed my favorite thing to do is sit on the couch with his backpack and see what is in it.  There is always artwork from school which is great but i always get a chuckle out of everything else he has packed away.

Just last night i found the following: batman toy; one of his baby brother's toys; pair of scissors (he has an affinity for scissors); one flip flop; a small pumpkin (real one); some sticks and acorns.  Always makes me smile, I love having little boys!

Charles Cole

My son is a avid watcher of survival shows so I swear everytime we go on a trip he packs a knife (Multitooltype),lighter,candle,string,fishhooks,and a flashlight . I have tried numerous times to convince him he does not need these things going to vist family and freinds but none the less he insist on packing survival tools. I even caught him packing my hachet once !

rutha... ruthallen

My son loves tags on things, one time, I think he was about 4,  we got to church and he pulled one of my bras out of his "things to do bag" talk about wantting to die.

rutha... ruthallen

I have since cut all the tags out of every bra I own.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

My 8 yr old niece and her 1/2 sister the same age spent the night at my house and while there the 1/2 sister picked up my niece's small suitcase and said "What do you have in here, rocks?" My niece looked at her and very proudly and with a serious face says "Well, yes!". I looked at her and the only thing I could say was "What?!?" She opened the suitcase, pulled out a rock about the size of softball. I then asked her why she brought a rock with her. She handed it to me and said "It's for you, so you always remember this day!" AWE... My heart melted! It's been a year since that day... but I remember it like it was yesterday! :D

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