Katie Holmes Brings Her Daughter to Work -- On Broadway

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Working moms have it tough. Not only does it usually mean you have to leave your child for hours every day, either in daycare or with a child care provider, but there are times when a mother would really just like to stay home. Maybe her kid gets sick and can't go to school. Maybe, as a lot of moms in New Jersey and New York are dealing with right now, schools are closed due to Hurricane Sandy. Then there's just those random holidays or snow storms that mean no school but you've still got work. I always thought it was weird that more companies didn't offer daycare on the premises. Well, actually, it's not that weird. Companies are about the bottom line, and on site daycare is an extra expense. But some moms are lucky enough to have jobs that let them take their children to work. And Katie Holmes is one of them.

Katie is currently in rehearsals for a Broadway show called Dead Accounts. She was recently snapped carrying her daughter, Suri, and Suri's stuffed animal, into the theater. (I don't think Suri has feet, actually.)

Katie isn't exactly like all working moms. She gets hefty child support payments from her megamovie star ex, Tom Cruise. No doubt she could hire a nanny. This photo was snapped over the weekend, so Suri wouldn't have been in school. But it's quite possible that Katie, like the rest of downtown New York, where she lives, was without power for awhile. And maybe her regular help (presuming she has it?) couldn't make it in. Maybe Suri was freaked out by everything happening in New York. Maybe she just wanted to spend some quality time with her daughter. Whatever the reason, Katie decided to bring Suri along to work with her. (On a side note, check out Suri's leopard print coat!)

Katie's star caliber allows her to do this. I imagine most of the working moms on Broadway shows aren't given the same luxury. And you can forget it if, say, you're a costume designer or set designer or lighting designer or one of the many other jobs women hold on Broadway. So Katie is extremely fortunate in this respect.

Wouldn't it be great if all moms could do the same occasionally? I'm not saying that kids should be running around offices, possibly disturbing workers. It's an unfortunate fact that a lot of moms wouldn't even tell their kid to keep it down while others are trying to work. But in emergency situations, it would be nice if this was an option that moms didn't feel guilty asking for.

Do you think moms should be able to bring their children to work sometimes?


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lizzig lizzig

i'm fortunate in that i have a job at an elementary school & can enroll my children at the school even though they aren't districted for it.  i also have bosses that don't give me a hard time if one of them get sick.  a perk of working with kids & with bosses that understand that kids have thier own schedule in life that doesn't always work with that of us grown-ups.

growing up my mom worked in a nursing home & when i wasn't in school for some reason & my older siblings couldn't/didn't want to look after me my mom would take me to work with her.  i would hang out in her office, play games & watch tv with the residents, etc.  as a kid i didn't understand how that was a benefit to my mom but now as a parent i get it.

it would be great if more companies were understanding.  yes, the bottom line for them is profits but they often seem to forget that happy employees make more productive employees

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