Heartbreaking Memorial Service for Krim Children Brings Them to Life & Makes Us Weep

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krim family memorialAs details continue to emerge in the case of the Krim family nanny killings, the public focus is largely on Yoselyn Oretega's alleged motive for stabbing 2-year-old Leo and 6-year-old Lucia (Lulu) in the bath. All of us, parents in particular, are desperately trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy. But no matter why or how it happened, nothing can change the fact that two beautiful children are gone. Two innocent lives have been lost, and those lives need to be honored even as their death is investigated.

Somehow, through their grief, parents Marina and Kevin Krim have recognized this need. And yesterday, at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in New York City, Lulu and Leo were remembered in a heartbreaking memorial service filled with Lulu's artwork, photos of the children, flowers, music, and tears.

In a statement, the Krims said:

We want to thank you for your extraordinary outpouring of love and kindness. Lulu and Leo were 2 of our 3 best friends, and we miss them so much. Our daughter Nessie is very strong, and with your support we will be strong for her.

Today we gathered family and friends to celebrate the beautiful lives of Lulu and Leo. It is important to us that they are remembered as the sweet, creative, and fun-loving children that they were.

Marina and Kevin also announced the Lulu & Leo Fund, which will "support participatory art and science education for young children in schools, museums, and other community institutions."

"Lulu’s art classes provided some of her most joyful and enriching moments. We’d like to help other children obtain access to similarly great experiences."

So sweet. So sad. I can barely bring myself to look at Lulu's cheery, colorful artwork -- happy faces, sunny skies. The broad, bright strokes so familiar to any mom or dad whose little one has ever picked up a paintbrush. Promise. Joy. All gone.

What would you say to Marina and Kevin Krim?


Image via lululeomemorial.tumblr.com

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nonmember avatar Cindy Fail

Absolutely heartbreaking!!! My heart hurts for this family and their sweet angels. I think about the Krim family every single day...I hope they can find peace and comfort knowing both Lulu and Leo are dancing around God's Garden. RIP you sweet angels...XOXOXO

nonmember avatar stella croffet

As a Mother of a 19month Old Toddler,I cannot begin to imagine the depth of their loss.It's a heart-wrenching story that didn't have to happen.Dear Lord,where art thou, when disaster strikes.I thank God for the lives of these beautiful chijdren and the time spent with their earthly parents.Now they are with their heavenly Dad and not a soul can ever hurt them again.Please know that I share your pain,and continue to pray for you.May the good Lord grant you strength to nurture Nessie.God Bless You all.

nonmember avatar glorianna

My heart breaks for this family, and they are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I am unable to even imagine the pain they must be feeling,and I pray to God that HE will help them heal, as only HE can. They are sweet little angels today, dancing around the Throne of God.

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