Mom Confession: I Walk Around the House Naked All Day (VIDEO)

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There's a fine line between making your kids feel being naked is shameful and teaching them to be exhibitionists.

One mom likes to let it all hang out in front of her kids ... in front of everyone. She says she's naked all the time -- while cooking dinner, reading magazines, playing with her son. Just naked, all the time. Every day.

Watch her confession:

Weird right? But her son is 5, below the age it might seem sexual or embarrassing to him, and the mom maintains it's not sexual. But what's really weird is that her 4-year-old niece comes over all the time and she feels no need to cover up in front of her.

Hey, if it's just you and your spouse, clothing is quite optional. But once you have a kid -- especially a child of the opposite sex -- throw on some yoga pants like the rest of us. And if you have someone else's child coming over a lot, you'd better make extra sure their parents are okay with your being naked or there are going to be major fireworks.

Do you let your kids see you naked?

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Todd Vrancic

I hope she throws on an apron before frying bacon.  Bacon grease can "pop" and you can get splashed with the hot grease.  Not pleasant if it happens to fall on unprotected flesh.

Jennifer Hermann

I experienced this firsthand as a child and it fucked me up. This mother should get over herself. I'm not a prude. I don't think kids should never see nudity, and I don't care if a lady whips out her boob to breastfeed. Once kids reach a certain age, you shouldn't cross that line anymore. It isn't necessary. I do respect that it's her own business. However, my mom was just like that, so I can say that it disturbed me in many ways, screwed up my sexuality, and confidence, and all sorts of things.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

To me that answer is simple. When either party becomes uncomfortable it's time to stop.

Woody Lisa Irish

Well....each family is individual. I wouldn't dare judge her. When I put my two kiddos in a bath tub, I often jump in the shower, since I watch them every second and can take care of me too. They are four and two. I am RIGHT in front of them. They don't notice a thing. (For the most part) I am now pregnant and the most I have heard is my four year old say "will that give milkies again?" haha. Yeah. He isn't phased at all. Though I know the time is coming that Mommy won't be letting him in the room. Most of us moms know when. I have a 19 year old, 17 and 15 year old also so...Yeah...I knew when it was time. BUT..I never did walk around naked. NOT that brave. haha. To each his own but nothing negative to say about it. :)

Yvette Heredia

what about the fact that its also unsanitary? who the hell wants to come over to some lady's house and sit on her furniture knowing she's sat there many times without underwear? thats disgusting lady! Learn some manners and put on your freakn clothes!

nonmember avatar ProgressiveMama

My 3 year old showers with me, but that's because he hates showers an its the only way to get him clean! I wouldn't walk around the house all day, naked. Maybe in shorts and bra/bikini top if it was really warm. I don't think it would be healthy for the kids, mentally, when they get older. Could you imagine being an adult and thinking back to your favorite breakfast or dinner, and you constantly have images of your moms boobs and ass? Yikes!

Allison Powell

I see NOTHING wrong with this. :)
I don't run around the house naked ALL day, but when I get out of the shower (where K is usually in with me anyway) I am never in any hurry to get dressed. (and as I'm typing this she is taking off her shirt because she's hot in here. hehe)
I don't plan on changing my habits once I have a boy either. I want complete ability to be open at least within the family. I'm not saying to flaunt nudity around all the time, but just not to hide it. Clothing was created for warmth and protection and that's it.

nonmember avatar Mike

What's worse? Walking around the way you were created,or teaching them that certain parts of the body are not to be seen(and,by association,bad)? Being nekkid 24/7 seems a little excessive,but it definitely sends a better message than a locked bathroom door and a robe on the hottest day of the year. When is the last time anyone ever heard about the born-and-raised nudist or nude beach-goer who commits crimes of a sexual nature? THAT person is far more likely to be a former choir boy or abstinence advocate.

Jespren Jespren

I'm not comfortable truly naked, but just in undergarments? I'm good around my kids. My son at 4 is just getting to the age where I'm starting to be careful to change, shower, etc around him so he doesn't see me totally naked. But, then again, he took a bath with his two sisters and me (he's the eldest in the bunch at 4) a few days. My family was always very physically comfortable around each other and seeing each other in just undergarments or changing clothes (brief nudity) was totally normal and completely un-weird.

Vicki Vik-Cook

I don't think being naked in your own home is being an exhibitionist. Unless the windows are wide open & it's a busy neighborhood. So she's a nudist. Why is it so wrong to teach your children that the human body is a beautiful thing & not something to hide all the time? I don't run around naked all the time, but I do sometimes. I've asked my son if it bothers him & he says no (& he's 17). I don't go do a dance infront of him, but he's seen me walk from the bath to the bedroom. And you'd be surprized how many people do, but don't admit it because they're ashamed or embarrased about it. (Oh & many people put down atowel to sit on or something)

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