Kindergarten Teacher Brutally Beats Students & It's Caught on Tape

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school kidTurns out, the school bullies aren't always other kids. At the Sky Montessori School in China, a teacher has been caught on camera slapping,  kicking, and verbally assaulting kindergartners. Two little girls are shown being repeatedly hit -- one over 70 times -- in the face. Another boy is seen being slapped and shoved. It will make your blood boil to see kids treated like this.

On Tuesday, police in the city of Taiyuan detained teacher Li Zhuqing after parents complained about alleged physical abuse. Their kids had apparently come home from school with bruises, telling them that their teacher was beating the crap out of them. I know things are different in other countries, but beating 5-year-old students for not understanding something is a bit extreme, if you ask me.

Li was put under a 15-day "administrative detention," which is common practice when the Chinese police are waiting to charge someone. The school was unlicensed and has since been shut down indefinitely.  Well, thank heavens for that.

As the mother of a kindergartner, I know it can be frustrating to try to teach children a new concept and have a child just not get it. Sometimes it’s like beating your head against a wall, but when they get it, it’s amazing to see them embrace it. Every parent knows just how tiny and vulnerable these children are and if I were to ever find out that a teacher laid a hand on my child, she’d be begging for detainment to keep her safe from me.

Honestly, I’d pay her bail just to get her alone long enough to exact the same punishment she gave my poor child. But if guilty, hopefully she doesn't get out. Ever! 

See the outrageous abuse here:

What would you do if you saw video of a teacher beating your child?


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Marie Griffin-Lambe

the absusive kindergardener teachers will get away with it . The photos of the abuse being dished out to "future olympic medal winners" age 3 upwards still haunts me and they surfaced months ago. What has been done for these children...NOTHNING. They're still abused and apart from us tutting it will continue to their childhood is completely destroyed.

Lollys Figlo

Wasn't it kind of odd the way the kid just stayed there? DIdn't even try to move? And the teacher was hitting, not in reaction to the child talking, but just to hit.

By the way your style of writing is very unjournalistic. Yes, we realize you would react to inappropriate physical touch with even more inappropriate physical touch. Yeah, we get that. You would also be in jail for assault.

Frances Griselle Planas

I'd drag her ass in front of the police station, then beat her ass and throw her inside!!

Arlinda DeAngelis

If I saw a teacher hitting my child or any child, I'd call the police and have the teacher arrested and removed from the school. If it were my child being beaten, I'd do the same as the aforementioned and sue the school and the teacher. Beating a child is about the monster who preys on the more vulnerable, the fragile and the powerless. They are guilty of an assault on a child which should be a greater offense than an ordinary assault.

nonmember avatar Anon

I think one of the saddest things is how the children, including the one being hit and the others around her, continue sitting still, looking down, and doing their work as if their lives depend on it.

nonmember avatar Zuri

If I was a parent and found out a teacher was beating my kid, I would track her down and beat her until she wished she was dead. Can we throw her in jail forever?

abra819 abra819

Disgusting, lloys...your clearly not a mother or parent, if you were, you'd understand the violent feeling of wanting the beat the living shit out of someone hurting your child.  If you are a parent,  well..god help us all.

valen... valentina408

I'd be in jail right now if I saw that kind of abuse exacted to my child. I'd call the police, after filming it ti ensure she gets her punishment. HOWEVER this kind of abuse is perfectly accepted in China. Heck, it was perfectly accepted in Catholic school when I was a kid. It's all Sick, sick, sick, I couldn't hurt my CATS that wat

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Chinese culture is much different than ours.  I asked an Asian friend once why Asian kids are so well behaved.  She laughingly said it's because they beat them.

nonmember avatar kowhoayeah

I would stealthily stalk the teacher, quietly, telling no one of my intent, I'd kidnap her & torture her for days, until she would beg me - BEG me to JUST KILL HER, and then I'd continue to torture one would harm my kid & live to tell about it. By the time I was done the only thing left of her would be a rumor she ever existed.

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