Kids' Halloween Costumes Recalled After Dangerous Levels of Lead Discovered (VIDEO)

pirate costume leadHalloween can be scary for parents because our kids get tons of candy and they want to eat it all. Now! Then the sugar takes over, pushing bedtime further back, and the potential for crankiness and bouncing off the walls rises. But now there's a kids costume recall -- 1,400 of them seized -- because they contained 11 times the legal amount of lead.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Seattle confiscated the shipment from China, thought to be worth $10,000, and did further investigating which revealed the high level of lead contamination in the buttons and trim of the Girls' Pink Punk Pirate costume, like the one seen here. This was one shipment that came into Seattle, but what about other costumes out there? One news program was on the case.

From the video, we see 7News Denver working with a certified lead inspector to go into stores to test lead levels. Aside from that frightening mask, the Halloween costumes were considered safe. There was some lead, but not enough to be overly concerned, according to the inspector.
We already have to worry about the lead in kids jewelry, toys, cups, plates, antiques, even paint in older homes -- and it should be a real concern. Lead builds up in a child's system and can affect the brain, your child's development, and behavior. Lead contamination in a child's blood can cause convulsions and coma. There shouldn't be any lead that has the potential to get into and cause issue to our children's system -- and it certainly shouldn't be on kids' costumes.
To make matters worse, the shipment seized was flagged because the Chinese distributor has violated our laws in the past. I want to know who this distributor is so I can make sure I never purchase items from them. The costumes in question will be destroyed.
As of right now, only this seized shipment is known to have lead, but I'll be watching out for any other details. There isn't any information on similar costumes that already made it into the stores and purchased, so for now we can assume they are safe. Even so, I think I'm going to stick with costumes that are not made in China. I'm also angry this is even a discussion. Lead is bad. Period. Why are some companies using this toxin at all?
Are you concerned about the potential of lead in your child's costume?
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