Cousins and More Cousins at Thanksgiving

family tree

My boys have over 20 first cousins on their dad's side. Really. It's not frequently that we're all together, but on the occasions that we are you can believe it's a little chaotic. Thanksgiving brings cousins together like no other holiday. Distant cousins, rival cousins, even kissing cousins(!), end up under one roof.


Being around your kid's cousins during the holidays is also a real reminder that everyone raises their children differently. (In other words, just because you do 100% juice for your brood doesn't mean everyone does.) Still, there's nothing like the feeling that comes from being surrounded by cousins. Memories are made then. Children so often remember the times they spend experiencing their family tree.

We're headed down to my sisters tonight, and the boys just can't wait to see their "big" cousin and "baby" cousin. My sister and I couldn't be closer, and we're doing everything in our power to keep our children close like us forever.

This Thanksgiving will you and your children be around cousins?

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