6 Fall Scavenger Hunt Ideas That Are Fun for the Whole Family

family in the fallAs the oppressive heat of summer becomes a distant memory, and we welcome the cool, crisp fall weather, it's a perfect time for some family fun outside. And what better way to get outside and bond than a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt?



Whether in your neighborhood, at a local park, or on a hike, all you need is a mission and a little competitive spirit. Fall is ripe with themes for providing those missions, and the possibilities of what you can hunt down are endless. You can either hunt for a list of different items or different varieties of the same item and go for quantity.

Here are some deals to get you started:

1. General Nature Hunt

Include things on the list like a brown leaf, some grass, pine needles, pine cones, grass, and twigs.

2. Acorn Hunt

Give everyone a bag and see who can gather the most. Beware the squirrels!

3. Leave No Leaf Unturned Hunt

How many red, yellow, orange, etc. can they collect? Make fun leaf art with the loot.

4. Rock Quest

Big ones, little ones, shiny ones, colorful ones. Go to a pond and skip them when you're finished.

5. Mall Hunt

When the weather gets a little too cold or rainy, head to your local mall and search out a list of items like a ketchup packet, square of toilet paper from a restroom, a perfume sample stick etc. Just make sure there's an adult on each team.

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Give each team a digital camera or camera phone and set off in search of a predetermined set of shots (e.g. an airplane in flight, a great Halloween display, a pretty wreath on someone's door, etc.).

What fun fall scavenger hunts would you add to the list? 

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