Boy Banned From School for Having Bad Genes (VIDEO)

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Two California parents are fighting for the right for their son to attend middle school. The 11-year-old was kicked out because he carries the gene for cystic fibrosis. Note, he has the gene and not the actual life-threatening disease.

Last week, Coleman Chadam was told he would have to transfer to a school three miles away because he may pose a health risk to another student at the school who does have the disease.

Cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease, causes the body to create a thick mucous that clogs the lungs and can cause deadly infections. Though the condition is not contagious, people with it can endanger each other through bacterial cross contamination.

“In general, we would prefer that there not be more than one cystic fibrosis patient in a school,” Dr. Thomas Keens, the head of the cystic fibrosis center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, told the Today show.

But Coleman doesn't actually have the disease and his parents say the school is overreacting. Jennifer Chadam says her son has attended other schools with students with cystic fibrosis and it has never been a problem. In fact, Coleman has never had any medical problems related to the illness.

The school was only alerted that he carried the gene when his parents listed it on the medical form at the beginning of the school year. "The school district freaked out," Jennifer told the San Francisco Chronicle. In fact, doctors say he is not even at risk of developing the disease however, school officials are unmoved. 

“I was sad but at the same time I was mad because I understood that I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Colman told Today. He added: “It feels like I’m being bullied in a way that is not right.”

He's right. The school is completely overreacting. As a parent, it seems as though -- in this particular instance -- the rule is doing more harm to this child than good. Coleman feels dejected and rejected. His parents are totally right to fight this. He is being denied the right to attend the school in his neighborhood, with his friends and in his community for what appears to be no good reason.

If he is not a risk to the other student and the other student is not a risk to him, shouldn't he be allowed to go to class?

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1likeme 1likeme

Sounds like a cautionary tale on why we should all protect our children's medical records. The school has no right to that information so why did the parents offer it?

Mrs.S... Mrs.Sparkle

Seems to me the school needs to have a sit down with genetic counslors to learn more then they think they know.

MokaM... MokaMommy

I'm surprised the parents disclosed that info if doesn't have the disease. I find it odd, is it possible he has it but is a symptomatic?

nonmember avatar Ram

Schools these days only seem to see black and white, not the shades of gray that make up the world. The school officials aren't doctors or geneticists. Every time I see a story like this or hear about kids being expelled for taking a Tylenol or eating breath mints makes me think homeschooling is the way to go. What happened to common sense?

poshkat poshkat

Why on earth did the disclose that??? Was it in his records from the Dr?? Seems a bit weird. Usually the doctors office only sends their shot records

Misty... Misty.Dawn

this is ridiculous! Im with everybody else...why did they disclose this information? But i have to ask this, if him & the other kid can only contaminate each other, how did they pick which kid to give the boot?

mariy... mariyahsmommy

Wow, this is discrimination. I'd be going to to the news

worki... workingmama86

WOW. If they ban anyone from school, shouldn't it be the kid who already has it? He carries the gene, and probably a quarter of the kids do too... they can't just ban everyone who carries it... Geez! 

Nolanzo Nolanzo

Rule #1: Never disclose anything contained in your childs medical records other than immunizations and any medical condition that will require special accomodations by the school to assist your child during the day. Carrying a gene for ANY disease is not necessary for the school to know, and frankly, is none of their business.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

One in 29 people carry the gene for this disease, so if they're kicking out this kid there are several others who will have to go too! It's scientifically proven that only those who actually have CF pose a threat to others with CF, what this school is doing is discriminatory, ignorant, and just plain wrong!

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