6 School Rules So Stupid We Don't Want Our Kids to Follow Them

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tagWhen it comes to raising children, I definitely fall on the stricter end of the scale. I believe children need structure, order, and discipline both at home and at school to thrive in life. I don't, however, believe in insane, overzealous rules that try to drain every drop of fun out of childhood and regulate a child's every move with more rigidity than the Marines. That's just what it seems some schools are trying to do, however.

Most of the rules stem from one-off incidents. Rather than dealing with those on an individual basis, schools have a tendency these days to swoop in with new rules and regulations. The result is a ridiculous set of rules that do nothing but needlessly punish students and sometimes even do more harm than good. For example:

Ridiculous Regulation of Bathroom Breaks

Earlier this year, I wrote about a school that restricted students' bathroom breaks to only three times per week. While I found that outrageous, a father from Wisconsin wrote to tell me that his son's school only allows 10 bathroom passes per quarter!

One mom reports that a teacher would write students' names on an "oops" list on the blackboard if they needed to go anytime other than lunch or recess. Another said if students have to go during class they get a zero for the activity they miss. Let the children pee, people.

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Doctor's Note Required for Hand Sanitizer

No clean hands unless you have written permission, according to the rules of one friend's daughter's school.

No Playing Tag at Recess

It's not tag with loaded guns, nor tag with sharp knives, but regular old tag that kids have been playing for years that has been banned at her children's school, says another mom.

No Peyton Manning Jerseys

Seriously. A friend from Colorado reports that kids can't wear anything with the number 18 on it. The reason: A bad local gang that calls itself "The 18th Street Gang."

Students Banned From Sharing News of College Acceptance

Not just one but several schools have implemented such a rule to protect other students' feelings from getting hurt. This one leaves me almost speechless.

Balls Banned on the Playground

Yep, those big bouncy things that kids kick and run after during all sort s of fun, healthy games involving exercise are apparently too dangerous for today's kids. Last year, a school in the UK banned all of them, proving schools have officially lost their grip on reality.

What's the most ridiculous rule your child's school has enacted?


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Strai... StraightShooter

My daughters' school banned all hugging!  Not just teachers hugging students, but ALL hugging!!  Parent were never officially notified of the change, only the students and teachers were told. Since they never made any notification, I made it a point to not only hug my kids, but my friends kids as well. 

fave82 fave82

The gang related clothing one seems reasonable.. Other than that, they're pretty ridiculous.

lwhill lwhill

When my daughter was in the third grade & a child had to use the restroom, the teacher set a timer for 60 seconds. They had to go to the end of the hall to the restroom, do their business, and be back before the timer went off. Oh, and "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!".

corri... corrinacs

Wow, yeah those are all pretty rediculous!  Maybe not teh "gang" one because they have a pretty big foothold in school, esp. high schools (you'd be surprised).

justb... justbrittanyb

Schools have to make stupid rules like this because there are too many lawsuit -happy parents out there. It's pretty sad. As for the bathroom rule, there are kids who ruin it for everyone by asking to go to the bathroom 50 times a day in order to get out of class. How can a teacher actually teach a child if they are never in the classroom?

amazz... amazzonia

More I read this thing more I convince myself to homeschool

Lilyp... Lilypad523

The bathroom thing is a huge issue for me. As someone who has a bladder the size of a pea I know how uncomfortable it is to have to hold your pee. It actually makes me mad when I have to pee but I can't, for whatever reason. But students using the restroom as a way to get out of school work is also way too common. It's a hard line to draw. My policy? You can use the bathroom when you need to until you do something to lose the privilege. The hand sanitizer thing is despised by teachers. No offense, but we want your germy little kids to use hand sanitizer! Lol :)

chick... chick92282

I can understand the gang-related rule and the rule about sharing news of college acceptance.  The gang-related rule is pretty self-explanatory.  The college acceptance rule seems kinda dumb but if you think about the ways kids can brag and hold their acheivements over others it makes more sense.  Also, it's not just acheivement but money that are factors here: not everyone can afford every school and if a kid's dream school is financially out of reach, hearing about someone else who gets to go can hurt that much more.

Venae Venae

Doctor's Note Required for Hand Sanitizer

Considering some woman was just arrested for DUI after guzzling 1/2 bottle of the stuff, I'd say they can't keep the sanitizer out for the kids.  I actually suggested it for our kids in the cafeteria since not all teachers took the kids to wash before lunch and was told no - because they'd squirt it into each other's food.  Didn't even think about that.  So I always packed hand wipes for my kids to clean their hands before eating.

Really wish they'd install hands free faucets - because the kids touch the faucets w/their cootie-filled hands, wash, then turn off the faucet w/their clean hands - re-cootie-fying them.


Venae Venae

Don't Tell Your Friends You Got Into College

Um, yeah, they're going to find out - it's called Facebook - and the fact that you are no longer living at home after graduation.  This is stupid.  'Cause guess what - when you go to work, someone will have a better job than you.  When you get married, someone will have a better wedding than you.  When you buy a car, someone will buy one better than yours.  And on it goes......but somehow protecting you from that knowledge (not really) will make your life better.

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