My 'Ultimate Kid Shaming' Video: Because Kids Are More Annoying Than Dogs (VIDEO)

I've never made a video response on YouTube before, but I felt compelled to do so after watching this Ultimate Dog Shaming clip. Now, I don't know if that video is the ultimate in dog shaming, exactly, but let's not nitpick their title choice. At any rate, it's pretty cute, and I wondered if making a fun little video helped Maymo the Beagle's owners find amusement in the irritating/oddball things their dog does (rolling on a pickle?) rather than be annoyed by them.

So I decided to make my own Ultimate Kid Shaming video to document a few of the obnoxious things my children got up to last week when they were home during a school in-service day. Don't worry, there's nothing truly humiliating here, just a handful of examples of their maddening logic ("What? My room IS clean!") and poor decision-making skills ("Let's dump an entire container of Legos on the carpet!").

Take a look:


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You know what, that WAS fun. And honestly, I find it incredibly peaceful to watch the parts of this video where they were forced to sit in silence on the couch, holding their shaming signs. Look how quiet and resentful they are! Ahhhhh.

If you made a kid shaming video, what would you include?

Image via Linda Sharps

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