Teacher Abuses 5-Year-Old Autistic Boy for Not Listening

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Esraa Mohamed Soliman
Esraa Mohamed Soliman
As if the parents of children with autism needed another reason to be uneasy about sending their kids to school, a kindergarten teacher in Florida has just dished up a particularly horrifying tale. Cops say Esraa Mohamed Soliman dragged an autistic boy by his backpack, then rubbed a shoe in the 5-year-old's face.

And this woman works in a school? With kids?

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According to the cops, when the 5-year-old wasn't listening, the teacher grabbed his backpack straps and used them to drag him to a chair. Obviously upset (because, well ... ) the child responded by chucking his shoe at the teacher. In turn, the teacher allegedly smushed it in his face.

I don't care how inappropriate his behavior might have been, her's was worse -- especially when you consider this child has autism! His behavior was likely tied directly to his disorder, and a woman employed by a school should know that, and know how to act accordingly.

In fact, she should know how to act around kids, period -- whether they're acting up because they have autism or just because they're jerks.

My daughter isn't on the spectrum, but every time these sort of stories crop up in the news, the worrywart side of me tunes in. Kids in a school are essentially captives, right at the mercy of the adults around them. We, the parents, depend on those adults to get it right, to keep our kids safe, and to make school a place they want to go back to.

As long as there are people like this working in schools, no parent can rest easy when they say goodbye to their kids in the morning. 

What do you think of the allegations here? What should happen to this teacher?


Image via Sheriff's Office

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CPN322 CPN322

This woman is vile and appears to be a child herself. That response would not be appropriate in any situation what so ever. They really dropped the ball hiring this temporary teacher. I hope she is unable to ever work with children again as it is obvious that she lacks the patience and understanding to do so.

Chelle Frizzell

All temp or aide teachers need to be more carefully selected. It is just asinine what happens to our children inside school. I hope she is fired and never allowed to return.

Santa Olcott

this teacher should have her teaching taken away from her and never to work atanother school and be charged with child abuse child neglect amaong the parents stepping in a pile of cow dung and smaching there shoes in her faceun belivable how dare she oh and then after she has been done facing her time she should have to hold a sign on weekends stating she is a child abuser in a very busy main street sorry but thats what i think

nonmember avatar angel

They couldn't put enough distance between me and that teacher if that were my kid. But they will most likely just give her probation.

Candice Graham

teacher had no right, and should be fired

Sharon Flitcroft Giesbrecht

Tears on this one.  Horrified, enraged, outraged tears. What should happen to her?  I can't put that in to words. One of my children is on the spectrum, I cannot imagine him, or any of the others being treated that way by ANYONE, least of all a teacher. My heart is with that child and his family. The school board has as much to answer for as this teacher does.

I entrust my children to the school board every morning when they get on the bus.  I give them my ENTIRE world, my reason for living. I expect them to treat my children with that respect. This isn't a game, this isn't a bunch of numbers, this is human life.  They are supposed to safeguard my children while they are in their care.  If something happens, they are going to answer for it. This is not a case of a child being bullied by another child, that is not tolerated either but is another issue, this is a child being abused by an adult, a teacher.  She and those who hired her should be held accountable.

This happened to a child.  That in itself is disgusting, now add autism. NO child, should ever endure this, much less a child with special needs. 

Polly Channita

Wow!!! This is very upsetting to hear!!! Her teaching credentials should be taking away!! I have many kids of my own and would not wish to send my kids to a school where teachers don't know how to act as an adult.. Kids can be cruel and overwhelming, but as an adult having to deal with kids all day, this person should already know her place.. Especially when this is not your own child, it is someone else child in which the parents entrust you with!! HOW DARE HER!!!

nonmember avatar Julie

The teacher should be banned from ever teaching again as it was a deliberate move in her part

Bree DeLoach

She shouls never be aloowed to teach again. I have a child with autism and the child throwing his shoe at the teacher had to do with him being autistic. I know how that is because I had many problems with my son last year when he was in kindrgarten. He is much better this year but that is also because he has very patient understanding teachers that understand he is autistic. (I thank God for them every day!) I know how stressful it is butt hat is absolutely NO right at all to treat a child the way she treated this one, special needs or not!!

Melanie Stripp

People like this should be in jail with NO PROBATION or any kind of RELEASE!! My father and mother and brother work with kids like this and I give them more and more credit for caring and being there and treating these kids like any other kid!!! My father wrote a book called " Mommy I wish I could tell you what they did to me at school today" It's an awesome book!!!!

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