10 Best Costume Ideas for 3 Siblings (That We'll Never Use)

Big Kid 16

I was scared shitless when I found out I was pregnant with my third child. My mind raced with thoughts of impending morning sickness, sleepless nights, and college saving funds. I was an absolute mess for weeks. Months, actually. One of the first thoughts that brought a smile to my face was the prospect of outfitting three children for Halloween. Visions of Three Blind Mice, the Three Stooges, and the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe danced in my mind. Head over toilet, my future threesome’s costumes made it all seem worth it.

Unfortunately, my children-to-be had other plans. Never once have they all agreed to any of my wonderful homemade themed costumes, instead lusting after cheap polyester costumes that make no sense in a set at all. The older they get, the worse the costumes are becoming. It's the ultimate Halloween tragedy. 

In case your children are far more agreeable than mine, here are some ideas for you ...

1. The Wizard of Oz. The most classic of costumes and no child of mine will go near any of them. We even have our own real live Toto this year, dammit! 

2. Dr. Seuss and Thing 1 and Thing 2. Too literary, I fear.

3. The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat & Alice.

4. Fred, Daphne & Scooby Doo. I mean. c'mon. Who doesn't love Scooby?!

5. Peter Pan, Captain Hook & Tinkerbell. I'd even let them fly off the furniture for the perfect photo!

6. Alvin, Simon & Theodore. Care to suck a helium balloon, kids?

7. The Three Little Pigs. Seems so fitting with all the candy they consume.

8. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia.

9.  Three's Company? Yes, I realize it's way before their time, but I would love it.

10. And, my ultimate dream: Me as Goldilocks and them as the Three Bears

Now excuse me while I try and figure out how to come up with a Katy Perry costume that's appropriate for my 8-year-old. Sob.


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nonmember avatar June

I have two girls one boy. One Halloween girls were cheerleaders he was a football player matching uniforms, another year I had super girl, wonder woman and batman, next year I had scarecrow, good witch, wicked witch :) this year they'll all be pirates :) they love matching costumes I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts

jagam... jagamama0710

LOL I only have 2 kids, 5 and 2, and last year was the only year we ever really did a themed sibling costume and it was a fairly vague one at that. My daughter was a rag doll and my son was a sock monkey so they were both like retro toys. This year they're going to be a peacock and a lego. I don't think there's any way we can link these together.

I have a family themed costume set in stone though for when/if we have a 3rd baby. We will be The Incredibles. I don't think our kids will argue much. As a comic book/superhero loving family, it's one of their favorite movies of all time. :) 

Em Chappell-Root

I've got Mario, Luigi, and Prnicess Peach this year, and my oldest (who is 5) has declared that next year the new baby (a boy) can be Toad, and they can all be the Mario characters again. he's VERY disapointed that I won't spend 100 dollars to rent the Bowser Costume for his Daddy to wear though.


nonmember avatar Rya

I like the Alice idea! I tried to get my kids to be Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal but my son wanted to be Link from the Zelda games(my daughter is Saria and my younger son is a Goron) last year they were Bender, Leela, and Nibbler from Futurama.

TwinM... TwinMomma122304

When my older two were 3, and my babies weren't 1 yet, they were Peter Pan, Wendy and two twin Tinkerbells (Twinkerbells, if you will).  It's really the only year we managed to do a theme.  They all have minds and opinions of their own now.

nonmember avatar Pam

Last year the whole family dressed up like crayons. DH was blue, I was yellow and our son was the green. Everyone got a kick out of it.

Jennifer Kupper Swan

My boys have for all but one year had costumes that were considered pairs or matching (Green Giant and Sprout, cowboys, Batman and Superman, Mario and Luigi).  The one year that they didn't match, bothered them tremendously so they went back to matching costumes.  This year, they want to be different again but getting older, I doubt they will be upset about it *sniff*  Last year they did the Mario and Luigi and wanted my daughter to be Princess Peach with no luck in finding the costume.

sassy... sassy-may

OMG.. Lol. I have 3 girls (10,12+,15).. Every year they LOVE to do a theme!! I wish I had set up to post pictures but omg you'd love to see these: they've done the Winnie pooh, tigger, and eyor (and our bulldog was pooh bears honey bee... Yes he had a bee costume complete with a lil black stinger sticking out his ass). Lol. They also got with their cousins and did Harry potter... All 4 girls did hermoine and the boy was potter himself (and I swear to u after I drew the scar on his forehead and he put on his glasses, he looked identical to potter!! People were staring and commenting!!) when the Twilight vampire bug hit everyone, the girls all dressed as the evil volturi vampires from the movie. They had black robes, fangs, thin red vampire glasses (to mimic red eyes) and I rubbed lite makeup on their faces to make them pale then I brushed a little glitter powder on them (vampires sparkle in the daylight. Lol). They've done the "grease" theme where they were all pink poodle skirts and pony tails (the local cafe still has their picture in front of their antique juke box they took). When they were younger they all did the cowgirl theme. Hmmmm, I know there's more but I can't remember all the pictures. :). So anyway, think up a bunch of cute themes, let them stick them in a jar, shake them up and pick one!! The possibilities are endless!

sassy... sassy-may

Oh and this year it's zombies from the movie series "walking dead". Their idea.. Not mine! Lol

needa... needadvice1983

Two years ago mine were a knight, a princess, and a dragon. Last year we were all pirates. This year my two oldest are Captain America (the boy and girl versions) and the little guy is spiderman. So since they are superheroes my DH and I are going to be villains (the joker and Harley Quinn). It should be really cute.

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