Celebrating Kids Jumping on the Bed (PHOTOS)

by Stefanie Renee

Although in theory I want to be the mom that allows for plenty of frivolous play, I often get flustered and impatient when my own daughters go off on their playful tangents. Seeing images like these from mom and photographer Stefanie Renee reminds me of how important (and beautiful) it is to allow our kids to be kids; to encourage silly behavior and tender family time. These are precisely the simple yet meaningful moments that matter the most.

Stefanie Renee
"Playtime" in Stefanie's words:

Our Sunday was all about getting some things done around the house and I thought it was going well until I heard fits of laughter from my bedroom. My daughters were supposed to be in their room cleaning up after a week of forts, art projects, and whatnot. I walked in and saw them jumping about on my bed having a grand ol' time with very mischievous smiles!  I have to admit I would have usually told them to stop and shooed them out of my room, but for some reason, this particular day, I had to join in on the fun ... I chose to stand back and watch the happiness. I couldn't resist them with their matching t-shirts, their laughter, the love toward each other, and them being totally surprised that I didn't shoo them out ...

Sometimes we (I) have to choose to stop, have fun and not worry about the other "stuff" ...

Stefanie Renee lives in Northern California with her husband and 2 spirited daughters; Kadison (7) and Penelope (4). Follow Stefanie on Twitter.

Photos via Stefanie Renee

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Bloom... Bloomie79

3...2...1... Cue the freak out that these pictures are online and that little girl is in her panties!

I think this is a beautiful set of pictures.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Bloomie- I had the same thought when I first saw the picture... it doesn't matter WHAT the article has to say, that picture in itself is going to cause quite 'the stir.'

Shannon Beranek

The first picture is OK, but some of the successive ones are probablly best kept private.  And this isn't just from the standard "Ew there's sickos out there!!!" standpoint.  It's also from the future stand point of the girls in the photos when they learn there are nearly nude photos of them on a public blog.

Shannon Beranek

Adding... I work for an online community and part of the job is monitoring pictures posted from babies to teens.  There are standards set on what can be shown in pictures and I'm sure it's made me sensetive to pictures even when I'm not at work.

Serendipity Zen

Very poor judgement. I bet these are already circulating on pedophile sites.

nonmember avatar Brigette

Wow, some of these are really inappropriate. Those poor girls are going to be ogled at by a bunch of pedophiles. These pictures should have been kept for family, not the internet.

nonmember avatar Rach

Not only are they being ogled by predators, those predators now have the mother's name and the part of the state she lives in. Just to make sure I wasn't being overly paranoid on these girls' behalf, a quick search brought me to her etsy page (same name and pics of the same little girl), which also gives the name of the town she lives in! Seriously lady?! Way to give an open invitation to sickos. . .

Troy Johnson

It is sad that Americans look at these pictures as pornography and people in France and Rio wouldn't even blink at them. Everything here is sexualized almost to the point of hypocrisy. I feel bad for the mom who took these pictures of her children being children when the FBI shows up at her door, steals her computer, and tries to charge her with child pornography. When the people who are out there molesting little girls will probably never be caught or will have a better lawyer than her so she will end up spending more time in a federal prison than they would. Please be careful and understand that what you may innocently think as adorable and loving, is actually turned around on you and used against you in a court of law.

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