Dads Singing 'Little Mermaid' Song Give Christian Grey a Run for His Money (VIDEO)

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Dad Singing Little MermaidWhat comes to mind when you think of a "real man"? Some macho lumberjack type? Christian Grey? The guy from those Old Spice commercials? Or how about a bunch of dads singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid?

Sorry Fifty Shades fans and Isaiah Mustafa lovers, but the last one is going to get me every time. I saw the viral video of military men, scientists, firemen, cops, and a handful of other dads on the job letting their princess flag fly, and I am crushing hard! Check these real dudes out:

Woo boy! I know what they can do with those gizmos and gadgets! Kidding, kidding. Happily married woman here ... to a "real man" of my own. 

These dads are sexy, but not quite as sexy as the sight in my living room when I come home from running an errand to find my husband and daughter cuddled up on the couch watching a Tinkerbell movie (seriously, when my daughter heard about the new flick Secret of the Wings, she told me she'd be watching it "with Daddy" ... notice she didn't bring me into the equation).

The way I see it, a "real man" is one who cares what his daughter cares about. Period.

Will you be sharing this one with a super dad in your life? What does he do for his daughter?


Image via LifeofDad/YouTube

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Carmen Martin

Oh my gosh, that was awesome.  *Swoon*

puasa... puasaurusrex

Reminds me of my husband. He'll be taking a shower, and suddenly I'll hear him break out in "When Will My Life Begin?" from Tangled.

Carmen Guthrie

Love it!! The guy sweeping or mopping in the hallway has a really good voice.

Patrick Joseph Quinn

Wow! Great article! Thanks for putting this up here. FYI, I made this video with my brother in law and I'm the last dad on it singing with my daughter Kayleigh. So happy you all like it!

daisyb daisyb

AWWW.. that is Too Sweet! my husband used to sing-(or try very hard to sing)" You are So Beautiful" to my daughter all of the time- now that she is all grown up; not as much- but, he does still sing it to my dog- Thumbelina daily- & it is too funny b/c no matter what she is doing; when he starts to sing it- she stops in her tracks to listen! LOL:)

MomLi... MomLily67

Stop it with the Christian Grey and all 50 shades related comments!!! it doesn't even make sense.

cdjak cdjak

I laughed until I cried. Sweet dads!

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