Dumb School Yells at Lunch Lady for Serving Healthy, Delicious Food

kids eating lunchWell, this is just ridiculous! A lunch lady at a school in Sweden was actually reprimanded by administrators for serving food that was "too good."

At lunchtime, Annika Eriksson used to serve students freshly baked bread and an assortment of up to 15 vegetables. Sounds delicious, right? Apparently not! Eriksson came under fire by school officials because they said her meals are so yummy that it's "unfair" to other schools with less appetizing cafeteria food.



Now, they are ordering her to bring her meals down a notch in quality and cut down her menu in order to comply with the local healthy diet plan. What?! How does that make any sense?

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Eriksson, for her part, rebukes claims that she has "spoiled" students with her meals and says that her cooking expertise has not added to the expenses of the school. Meanwhile, parents and their hungry kids are obviously furious about the decision and have launched a petition in favor of Eriksson in protest. 

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I can't say I blame them! Aren't European countries supposed to be ahead of America in terms of health and education? Why would the school take away nutritious food that kids actually like just to match the meals in other schools, which are apparently much worse? Do they not realize how hard it is to get kids to eat their vegetables and that the lunch lady was actually doing everybody a favor (especially the students!) by serving healthier and yummier meals? Instead of reprimanding Eriksson, administrators have been praising her and using her cooking as an example for other school cafeterias to follow.  

Do you agree with the school district or with Eriksson?

This post was written by Michelle Regalado at Mamás Latinas.

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