11-Year-Old 's Pink Mohawk for Mom With Breast Cancer Almost Gets Him Banned from Basketball

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pink mohawkWhat is wrong with people?! Seriously, I really want to know: What could possibly make an adult (an elementary school principal, no less!) tell an 11-year-old boy he would not be allowed to try out for basketball because of his pink mohawk -- the pink mohawk he was wearing to support his mother in her fight against breast cancer. Oh, and in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You probably want to believe this was some kind of misunderstanding, right? Sadly, no. In fact, it almost sounds as if principal Cynthia Frost has it in for 6th-grader Trevor Frost (but I'll get to that in a minute).

See, all the kids in Foster's family have hairstyles in honor of their mom. 9-year-old Jairis has pink highlights, Caleb and Trevor have pink mohawks with the breast cancer ribbon design shaved into the side. "You feel special because you know you are supporting," explains Trevor.

So you can only imagine how Trevor felt when he was walking out to his school bus and Frost stopped him to tell him that because of his mohawk, he couldn't try out for basketball.

"It made me feel sad and furious all at the same time," says Trevor. I bet! Especially because it felt all too familiar -- last year Frost told him to turn his pink shirt inside out and hand over an "I Love Boobies" bracelet -- both also worn as a show of support to Mom.

WHAT?! What is wrong with people?!

Thankfully, after Trevor's dad started a Facebook campaign and contacted "as many school board officials as he could find," Frost changed her tune (even offering to help him organize a breast cancer fundraiser and dressing in a pink suit). But Trevor is still hurt:

"She apologized but it didn't help much. I'm still disappointed that she said what she said. It was just wrong to say that."

Exactly. Just WRONG. And I can't wrap my head around it.

What do you think?

Why would a principal pick on an 11-year-old boy for a hairstyle meant to support his mom with breast cancer?


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cherr... cherrywaves21

Rules are rules. If Mohawks aren't allowed then they aren't allowed. I do not care if it's in support of his mother.

Something's are allowed and some aren't. Sucks she has cancer but it's not the schools responsibilty to bend the rules.

I've yet to find a school that allows those bracelets anymore.

kelti... kelticmom

From the way I interpret it, the mohawk wasn't against the official dresscode, otherwise he would have been suspended until he fixed it. The principal pulled him aside and told him he couldn't try out for basketball because of it. That combined with the shirt/bracelet seems like she has an issue with boys in pink and singled him out. The bracelet I agree is not particularly appropriate for school, but having him turn a pink shirt inside out? Unless that school has a dress code that says only certain color shirts may be worn, it was absolutely discrimination against this poor kid. Just one more reason in the long list of why I shall be homeschooling my son.

puasa... puasaurusrex

A pink shirt will still be a pink shirt inside out....so what was written on it that could be covered up that way?

cherr... cherrywaves21

It sounds like its against basketball dress code. School sports have strict rules on top of school rules.


While the principal has followed protocol regarding the school's rules in as much as the dress code is concerned, she didn't yell, she pulled him aside and explained about the dress code reasoning as to why he couldn't try out for basketball, while i feel sorrow for his family's plight, she was only doing as her position dictated, if she makes allowances for one today, tomorrow she may just find herself facing a mob of angry parents holding discriminatory lawsuits in their hands stating she did this for one child etc...In the end she offered to help him with a fund raiser as well as showing her support by donning a pink suit. There is no need for anyone to take this any farther nor make it bigger than it is, dad needs to explain to Trevor that the Principal had rules to follow and they cannot be broken otherwise they lead to bigger problems, and that in the end it turned out better so let go of the anger  because no injustice was done just rules being adhered to, no one was picking or signaling him out and if the adults keep pushing the issue then your behaviour is no better than that in which was mistaken of the principal, everyone go back to their lives, and Mrs Burt you have a very powerful weapon, please be careful when using it as it can make or break peoples lives in one slip.


And i forgot to mention the dress code in the schools are really strict, my niece's school assistant principal walks around with a tape measure to insure skirts are at the correct length, sweaters have to be the correct tonal color, they have an exact sleeve length, no pockets on the sweaters, no hoods on the sweaters or shirts, etc... if any of these rules aren't adhered to parents are called to pick up their child to change whatever the incorrect piece of clothing is and it counts as being tardy.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

She has a responsibility to all the students at her school. It's not safe to play a team sport with a Mohawk, getting one of those spikes in the eye would be very painful and potentially cause long term damage. As for the shirt, a pink shirt is still a pink shirt inside out as a previous poster also observed so I'm betting it had some offensive word or slogan on it. There are shirts that include words like boobies or ta-tas on them and there's the "f*** cancer" slogan that would be inappropriate in school. If you let one kid wear a shirt saying "save the boobies" then you don't have a leg to stand on when another kid comes to school in a shirt saying "federal booby inspector" on the front.

If he wants to support his mother then he can help her out around the house when she's going through treatment or raise money for charity. Walking around with a stupid haircut is not the least bit productive.

kelti... kelticmom

Rhonda, if you had bothered to click the link and read the actual sorry story, you would have seen the actual picture of the kid. It's not the one at the top of this blog. His mohawk is not a spiked one, it's a buzzed one like Chuck Liddell. Not even a half inch high. And again, why do you have to be so damn condescending. "Help out around the house instead of walking around with a stupid haircut"????? Really?

bills... billsfan1104

Keltic, I have to agree with Rhonda on this one.  its nice that this kid is supporting his mother, but better support would be helping his mother as she goes through chemo or treatments, or help raise money for research at the hospital and so forth.  As a breast cancer survivor, it annoys me that kids think that they can break the rules, just because their mom has cancer.  They think they are untouchable.  So now the kid gets in trouble and what are we discussing??  His stupid hair and shirt.  My daughters wore the bracelets to school and was told to put them in their desks and that they were not part of the dress code.  I wasnt pissed or took up a facebook campaign.  I understood it was the rules and understood that just because I have cancer, I am not above the rules. 

nonmember avatar Tina

I would love to read the actual sentence in the schools handbook that reads "no mowhawks" I seriously doubt it's there.

My children's school is strict on dress code but there is nothing about what kind of hair style they can have. There is a boy at my daughters high school that plays football with a mowhawk and its black with the strip a light brown/dirty blonde color. I personally don't care for it but what rule is it breaking?

No one says anything when a child or spouse shaves their entire head in support of a family member that has cancer. ---- I have even read of principals doing it!! ----

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