Brave 4-Year-Old Takes On Mountain Biking With Most Awesome Dad Ever (VIDEO)

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Hellion first ramp malcolmWell this just might be the cutest, most amazing thing you're gonna see all day. Feel free to thank me later. Some ingenious father decided to strap a camera to his 4-year-old son Malcolm's helmet, capturing their mountain biking journey together down Hellion trail at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire.

I didn't think I could get through nine whole minutes of watching this kid's at times nauseating trek through some gorgeous woodlands -- but his narration of the whole trip made it completely worth it. And I love how this dad just takes off without a glance back at his son. Clearly he's got more confidence in his 4-year-old than most parents!

This kid's grunts after every jump are so freakin' fantastic and adorable, as well as his commentary, from celebrating how well he's doing to challenging his dad to take on one of the jumps. You gotta see it (and hear it) to understand how awesome it is.

Without further adieu:

I think this dad deserves some type of Father of the Year Award, don't you? And I can just picture how much of a heart-breaker this little guy's gonna grow up to be. I can't imagine taking on a trail like that at ... ahem, however old I am ... let alone being 4 years old!

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One of my favorite parts: "Can you see well?" "No, I don't need to pee!" Come on, Dad, kid's having way too much fun to be worried about banal bodily functions. Might need to work on his hearing, though.

Seriously, what a badass. You can even tell how small Malcolm is from his little shadow while riding on the trail. The kid even takes a fall at around the 4:06 mark, but simply gets up, dusts himself off, and continues chasing after his Dad. Yep, even though this video is nine minutes long, it's so. Totally. Worth it. Told you so!

Would you let your 4-year-old do something like this? How amazing is this kid?


Image via mainehaole/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Kristy

That is fricking amazing. I know adults in my mountain biking group who can't even do that! Good for him.. and good for his parents.

gridi... gridironsmom

Very cool! From a comment he makes to his dad they mountain bike at home so he knows what he is doing to an extent.

K-Chan K-Chan

My 4 year old is still trying to learn how to ride a bike with training wheels!

nonmember avatar Sonyad

Awesome lil guy! He had my stomach twisting & turning. This was great for father & son to do together. We took our ds's training wheels off when he was 3. He was already riding a 20" bike while our 9yr dd was riding a 24" bike. The sooner a kid learns to ride the faster the training wheels come off.

Goodw... Goodwoman614

4 star awesomeness!

Thanks 4 posting!

Christine A Jenkins


Donna... Donnacc12

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Jessi Ramey

i love seeing or hearing anything that has to do with an involved dad. it warms my heart. and props to this extremely talented little boy. you can tell his dad has spent a lot of time teaching and working with him. i love it.

pooh_... pooh_williams

what an awesome job that little boy did. It was a very heart warming but stomach twisting at the same time. I love the part where he tells his dad to try the jump at the end "its fun dad trust me" so sweet. you can tell the dad is very involved and the ride together a lot.

Felip... FelipesMom

That was the coolest thing I've seen all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

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