Caught on Camera: Disabled Girl Bullied by 9-Year-Old Neighbor & His Father (VIDEO)

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disabled girl bulliedHere's a story that will simultaneously break your heart, make you red with anger, and force you to wonder what the hell is wrong with some people. It happened in East Sparta, Ohio -- William Bailey and his 9-year-old son Joseph were videotaped allegedly making fun of a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. At the school bus stop, William and Joseph were mocking the way that Hope walks, and Hope's parents had had enough. They made red t-shirts that read "stop the bullying" and released the heartbreaking footage of Hope's tormentors to the local news.

But the plot thickens. The Bailey family alleges that, yeah, the father and son were walking funny, but it wasn't meant to insult Hope, and plus, they were only doing that because Hope's family was there, off-camera, yelling at Joseph Bailey and calling him a "retard".

I don't know what the hell is going on with these families, but whatever it is, it needs to stop, ASAP.

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The Baileys and the Knights are next-door neighbors and the kids used to play together all the time, and then, suddenly, they became a modern day Hatfields and McCoys and are out to destroy one another. In their world, it's an eye for an eye, a "retard" insult is retaliated with ridicule of a disabled child. Both families seem to believe that two wrongs definitely make a right.

And in the middle are some innocent kids being called names and getting mocked at the bus stop ... by adults.

Both families have filed claims against the other in their local courthouse, which will only seems to complicate a very simple issue. I hope the judge takes one look at this case, slams her gavel, and tells the Baileys and the Knights to stop being enormous dickheads.

Case closed.

Watch the news story on these families. Can you believe this?


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Amber Kevlin

What the hell is wrong with these "adults'? Way to set an example. What is the world coming to?

cmjaz cmjaz

I hope the judge punishes them both, if this is true

nonmember avatar me

This doesn't surprise me. It's so incredibly hard to raise special needs kids-I have two-and I wouldn't trade them for anything. But I've been through situations where I was actually stopped from trying to get help for one of my sons-and I mean necessary help.. I don't know where I get the strength sometimes because honestly people are usually no support/help. But to mock a disabled child is just plain evil.What kind of monster would do that?

Zamaria Zamaria

I can't believe no one who was standing around said anything. If I saw a grown man doing that I would definately address it. Just crazy.

DeAnna Vestal

OMG what is wrong with that man?!?! Grow up and be a real man not an idiot.... ugh!

Shelley Vanscyoc-Christner

Wow goes to show you what kind of person he is. I won't even call him a man, cause a real man would not act like that. I hope he and his son get it back tenfold!

Cassandra Snookapoodle Nix

regardless of whats going on between the families what this man did is wrong be a grown up and set a better example this little girl is innocent and and doesnt deserve to be caught in the middle of a feud between adults

Tina Bernabe Reyes

I've had this happen to me in school and as a young adult and this is probably why I hate walking in front of people or crowd to this day. I get so nervous that I actually fall.I think it's also worse being a girl because you feel you want to look and feel good in front of boys. I fell twice while at Ben's band competition last weekend and it's a good thing I was holding my husbands hand. I try to get to places early before a crowd arrives and I won't climb the bleachers either.  Don't you worry Hope you are beautiful inside and out. You have lots of people who love you and talk to. I on the other hand did not have anyone to talk to about. My father and grandmother would yell at me to bend my leg and sometimes kick the back of my knee.

Susie19 Susie19

Wow, freakin a**holes!!!!  In high school there was a girl that walked similar to this and a lot of people would call her names and make fun of her and it just pisses me off!!  I have a disability, I can walk fine though, but it just makes me think if I hadn't received surgery in time I would have these issues and I can't even imagine being bullied like this how horrible, especially for this little girl! UGH!!


Hyman Hyman

So we really have no clue what exactly happened.

Bullying either way is wrong and the parents join in? Where are the adults that teach these children right from wrong.

What the hell is wrong with the parents raising that generation??????

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