5 Best Apps for Kids With Autism

Ericka Sóuter | Oct 5, 2012 Big Kid


Parents of kids with autism are always searching for new ways to help their children. Well, apps for the iPhone and iPad are some of the best tools around for simultaneously entertaining and teaching social, communication, and cognitive skills. With so many choices, I asked parents of children on the spectrum to share the games they found most helpful with addressing their kid's developmental delays.

Check out the 5 best apps for autistic kids:


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  • Injini: Child Development Suite


    A collection of learning games that helps toddlers and preschoolers  practice fine motor and language skills, visual processing, memory, spatial awareness, and understanding cause and effect. ($30, apple.com)

  • Talking Larry


    Parents say this app is a fun way to develop language skills. Kids will love Talking Larry, a bird friend that repeats your words. He is interactive in other ways too. Your child can feed him (which he clearly likes), poke him (which he doesn't like), or play the piano and he will sing along. ($0.99, apple.com)

  • Look in My Eyes 1 Restaurant


    Many autistic children have difficulties making eye contact, a very important social skill. This program encourages it by making a game of looking at a series of faces, focusing on the eyes and answering questions to earn points they use to buy items from the virtual restaurant. ($2.99, apple.com)

  • Verbal Victor


    This app was created by a dad desperate to communicate with his son, who has a rare disorder that delayed speech. To use, a child touches a picture and he then hears a word or sentence like, "I want to play" that has been recorded by a family member, friend, or teacher.

  • Dr. Panda, Teach Me!


    Kids learn the basics of counting, shapes, and more through fun and short practice sessions. The games get progressively harder as their skill level increases. ($1.99, apple.com)

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