5 Best Apps for Kids With Autism


Parents of kids with autism are always searching for new ways to help their children. Well, apps for the iPhone and iPad are some of the best tools around for simultaneously entertaining and teaching social, communication, and cognitive skills. With so many choices, I asked parents of children on the spectrum to share the games they found most helpful with addressing their kid's developmental delays.

Check out the 5 best apps for autistic kids:


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Laurie Wion

So is there an Android version of this article in the works?

Darci Lowe

That is great for younger or nonverbal kids, but what about older people? My son is 16 and I would love some apps that would help him to learn human interaction. He needs something more than minecraft.


Sean Gaston

Some very great apps here!
Our app, while not designed for special needs kids as such, has been very popular with autistic children.

Geo Challenge – Flags, Maps and Geography Learning Game for Kids

A quote from a review by Fun Educational Apps:
"One of my students with autism loves (LOVES) flags, and this app sent him over the moon!"

Tiffany Bennett Macaluso

zacbrowser.com~Zac Browser is for smaller children with Autism, but they have also recently upgraded the app. My son loved it growing up. After you download it and your child is playing, it will lock out your desk top and you have to press "ctrl" "L" to escape. This allows the parent to actually walk away briefly without the child deleting the entire contents of your computer. Hey, don't laugh, my son has done it to my computer on a few occasions, and I don't usually leave him for more than a few minutes at a time. But, with Zac Browser, you can walk away and let them play for a few mins.

nonmember avatar Heather

I work with children on the spectrum that are non verbal and a good app to help with communication is Sounding Board!!

nonmember avatar Lucy

I have family members with Autism and they are non verbal. We really like autism myvoice communicator app for android. It's a tap and speak AAC app with a bunch of pictures included for children to tap on. The app speaks what is tapped. It helps with communication.

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