Letting Your Kids Dress Themselves Can Be Silly But It's Also Delightful (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Oct 8, 2012 Big Kid

by Kristen Doyle

Today's photo series is a vibrant and adorable dress-up series from mom and blogger Kristen Doyle. It's not always convenient when your children pick out their own clothes, especially when what they choose doesn't fit your own vision. However, when you look at pictures like these, you can't help but be smitten! So many of these images take me back to the times when my own daughter couldn't choose between a cowgirl and princess, so she tried them both (at the same time). Every mom can relate to these "expressive" stages of childhood. Kristen's right, it's all part of the package of growing up.

Kristen Doyle

"Fashion" in Kristen's words:

"I firmly believe the first signs of growing up, outside of the physical growth of a child, can be seen through fashion choices.

Four kids now, and I’ve seen it happen with them all. The outlandish turns to self-conscious ... eccentric personal style turns to uniformity ... self-expression turns into only what’s accepted and cool.

I’m watching my last baby grow and am desperately trying to hold onto and not squelch her sense of style and unique taste in outfit choices. You want to wear PJs and rainboots to the grocery store? No problem! Fifteen barrettes in your hair aren't enough? Great, let’s add more! A polka-dot pink swimsuit top and oversized pink bloomers is what you want to dance outside in? Perfect. You couldn’t look better.

I know my days are numbered as I’ve seen it happen three times before. Until then, I’m going to embrace your eccentric look, sweet baby. Keep rocking those fashion choices and hold your head high. I hope you never outgrow your sense of style."

Kristen Doyle lives in Shawnee, KS with her husband and four kids ages 3-10. Visit her food and photography blog at Dine & Dish.

Photos by Kristen Doyle

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