8 Hilariously Contrite Apology Notes From Kids (PHOTOS)

8 Hilariously Contrite Apology Notes From Kids (PHOTOS)

Apology notesKids are funny, funny creatures. One moment they are doing awful things, the next they are ever so apologetic and full of tears. Once they learn to write, those moments of contrite sadness become even more hilarious.

Let's exploit that!

We asked CafeMom members and friends alike to submit photos of their child's strangest, wackiest, and sweetest apology notes. Some were funny, some were strange, some were a bit TOO sorry (it's OK honey! You aren't stupid!), but all were hilarious. Here are the 8 cutest apology notes from kids:

  • Stupid Is Here!


    Submitted photo

    OK, sweetie, we get you're sorry, but you are NOT stupid. Some poor, contrite kid posted this sign on his door. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. Poor kid!

  • What's the Catch?


    Submitted photo

    I don't know if this kid is sorry or just super loving, but if I got this note from my kid, I might be a tad suspicious ... It's like when my dog gives me sad eyes and down ears, and I know I am going to step in poop in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...

  • An Apology to the Tooth Fairy


    Submitted photo


    This poor child was in kindergarten and lost his tooth at recess. He couldn't find it, but he still wanted his present, so he wrote this apology note instead. Wait, does the tooth fairy take IOUs?

  • Bad Cookie Guilt


    Submitted photo

    I don't know if this little boy is sorry or if his mom is, but after getting this note, she better be! Poor kid tried to bake cookies and no one wanted them! Sniff.

  • Trying to Be Nice!


    Submitted photo

    Mom, we are TRYING to be nice! That shite is hard, dude! Seriously, though, don't you just love the earnestness of this note. I bet she really is trying, too. Sweetheart.


  • Conchrol, Baby!


    Submitted photo

    This is one future writer or artist, can't you tell? The spelling is adorable, but she tells a story, too. She needs more "conchrol" but the ANGER. It's just grrr ... love it.

  • I Sin Well!


    Submitted photo


    OK, OK, so I am not sure this is an OFFICIAL apology. But she does admit her special talent is for sin. So that has to be close, right?

  • Darth Vader's What?


    Submitted photo

    For the child who can't yet write, sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. This one sure is.


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