You Know You Grew Up Before the Internet Was Invented When ... (PHOTOS)

kids playing video games nintendo ds portable gamingMy boys have lots of age-appropriate tech devices, can set the DVR by themselves, and know about the latest viral YouTube videos before I do. But sometimes I worry I am ruining them with technology. What are all these "convenience tools" doing to their "sponge-like" kid brains? Squelching their innate talents? Robbing them of the glory that comes from good old-fashioned benign neglect and boredom?

When I think back to my childhood, spent pretending my bike was a horse and making eraser people, I do think my kids are getting a little screwed. We had no technology (unless you count Lite Brite); we had to learn to make do. We were boredom survivors. Some of our best days revolved around playing House (the only one left standing in a nuclear war) and making great duct tape things, which we then sold to strangers from mom's card table. It was a wonderful time. Life's answers weren't a Google search away, and we, no doubt, came out brighter (briter?) because of it. Didn't we?

Let's take a quick look at childhood before and after the Internet was invented, and you decide. Who's screwed the least -- the techy kids of today or us non-techy kids of yesterday?


Image via kidperez/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Kristi

Or we could just get rid of it since it really serves no purpose. The original idea was to save electricity/power usage but study after study has shown no decrease and actually a slight increase.

nonmember avatar HS

^ says the cynical person commenting on an internet blog.

The internet has its pros and cons as does anything. We pre-internet types may have had to makedo with just our imaginations, but the post-internet kids have much more access to the world and hopefully more tolerance for places, people, and things that may have been virtually unknown to most before. It'll be interesting to see how things progress with time and the post-internet babies start having babies. An entire generation removed from "no internet" life.

Nolanzo Nolanzo

Lol @ tape recorder next to the radio... totally did this all through high school :) until my junior year I was blessed on christmas morning with a tapedeck/radio combo... now THAT was the sh!t!!!! :)

Venae Venae

I do love being able to google anything instead of having to walk/ride the bike to the library and look things up in the card catalog.

I remember taping Leif Garrett from the t.v. - can't remember what show it was, but I was so excited - had to threaten my brother and sister w/bodily harm if they made a sound during my recording that night!  Boy did it sound like crap - but I didn't care.

nonmember avatar Zuri

When I was born, the internet was still pretty rinky-dink and lame in comparison to today... I have a feeling we didn't know much about computer science yet. It's really a very new phenomenon...

bills... billsfan1104

Bwahhahhah Nolanzo. I remember that.

bubba258 bubba258

I think the internet is great, but, I don't thinks kids and toddlers should be using it. Screens of any kind are highly addictive and we are seeing kids and their families really suffering because of this type of addiction. Strict monitoring and time limits need to be in place. Yes there will be time in their life where the use of a computer will be necessary but, they will also need to drive one day but we don't start sticking them behind the wheel of a car as toddlers. Kids need to be outdoors getting dirty and interacting with peers, in order to learn social skills, sharing etc. Getting germs, taking risks, climbing trees, strengthening those growing bodies and minds.

Deann... Deanna2872

I didn't see all of the photos...because in all honesty, the 'slide shows' are just a pain in the ass. I DO love the very, VERY few bloggers on this site that just incorporate photos into their article, I'm not so fond of the cut-n-paste 'bloggers' that just take the lazy route and over-link their article, and/or do the 'slide show' (read:click, click, click x5, and then back, back, back x5...not something I want to do from my phone-

Deann... Deanna2872

That bit said, I'm not so fond of the whole internet movement for our kids, as a whole.

By the grace of God, I can (with my own monies, no support from family or gov't) afford internet in my home almost 8 months a year. I can barely afford that, but I know my child's education depends on it. NOT because that internet connection actually helps her. But because she has so many assignments that are required to be emailed to her teachers. So now, I wonder and worry about the kids whose families are even more strapped than I am, with farms and ranches that include mandatory chores for EVERYONE, just so that they can survive a winter. And my heart breaks for those kids. I've done what I can to get cheap/free computers to these kids (my son is now a senior in college, but has donated every laptop he managed to buy, on his own dime, and gotten friends to do the same).I have a limited hot spot, but the kids in my area know my password, and know they are welcome to my home, my driveway, my yard, to get their work done.

Deann... Deanna2872

My biggest problem? Mandatory education via a technology that I'm sure quite a few Americans can't even afford-

No, its not racist....or whatever social "ist" disease might be in fashion with the perpetrators of all the "I'm a victim!!!" groups these days.

But it IS a problem. A VERY ELITIST problem-

So maybe it's time to actually take a look at these ELITIST groups. You know, the ones that are just advocating for the education of our offspring!!! Which may also happen to be the ones that don't quite pay as much in taxes as the rest of us, due to their donations to 'Noble Causes' (of which, not one of us will ever actually see a dime of...).

Oh, you thought I was talking about Mr Romney?

Silly kids.

Look harder, accept the fact that your chosen may not actually be THE Chosen, and realize that your tax dollars fund a lifestyle. It our working dollars that actually help and serve those in need.

If Pres. O. had the same thoughts and integrity about the homeless that you or I may have, couldn't he have maybe cancelled ONE golf trip? One shopping spree? And donated what we now know to be MILLIONS of dollars per trip, to the cause?


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