9-Year-Old Rapper Has Message for Those Who Wear Saggy Pants (VIDEO)

amor lilmanAmor 'Lilman' Arteaga had me intrigued just knowing he was a 9-year-old rapper from Brooklyn (my hometown). But his message -- telling everyone to 'pull ya pants up' in response to the tragic trend of saggy pants -- sealed the deal. And the cherry on top is that Lilman took his message straight to Brooklyn Borough President, the charismatic Marty Markowitz, who makes an appearance in the video.

Amor admits he was victim to the sagging trend but his dad Juan set him straight. The two of them teamed up to write this rap song, and worked with friends to make the video. Check it ....


Lilman, a 4th grader in Flatbush, raps how he's "tired of seeing all these dirty underwear" and says "nobody wants to see you with your butt sticking out." I hope his peers get the message -- and all the older kids and adults, too.

There are some schools that have banned kids from wearing "pants on the ground" and most people despise the look, but it did save one teen from getting eaten by an alligator. Still, I'm going to agree with Lilman -- nobody wants to see your butt sticking out. Although the same could have been said about the neon trend in the 80s that has made an only slightly more subtle comeback. Eek!

If it was my kid, I'm with Amor's dad and I'd make him pull his pants up.

Next up for this little sensation: tackling violence and bullying. What a great kid!

What do you think of the saggy pants trend? Isn't Lilman adorable?

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