Swimming With Live Alligators & Other Over-the-Top Kids' Birthday Parties (VIDEO)

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alligator partyForget Chuck E. Cheese or some boring bounce house, birthday parties for kids today need something more exciting to celebrate the turning of another year. Something like swimming with live alligators perhaps.

Yes, on purpose. A company out of Florida (where else?) is offering to throw live alligators in your backyard pool to pep up your kid's party. Bob Barrett runs The Alligator Attraction out of Mediera Beach, and decided to take his show on the road charging $175 to put one of the reptiles into the pool with a bunch of screaming kids. Apparently this idea is for some reason appealing to the masses (or Floridians anyway), and Barrett says the reptile-infested parties have taken off like wildfire.

The gators' mouths are taped shut, so it sounds at least relatively safe (until some curious kid pries that tape off). But still, talk about overkill. Not to mention those poor gators!

The freaky factor aside, it's just the latest example of out-of-control, overindulgent parenting trends that will likely set our kids up for a lifetime of disappointment. Seriously, when you get a party at 10 that requires as much planning as some weddings, what's there to look forward to in the future?

I get it that we all want to make our kids' childhood memories the best they can be, and if you have the money, why not. But there's a point at which you're killing their childhood with elaborate expectations. Other kids' parties I've attended and/or heard about from others include things like:

Limousine rides

Overnight stays at pricey hotels

Fancy catered food

D.J.'s and full bands

42 center pieces, 2,000 flowers, and 300 costumes for a 6-year-old's party with a $32,000 budget.

And on and on. So I suppose a few alligators aren't that outrageous in the scheme of things. The scheme of things, however, is so ridiculous it's sad.

What's the most outrageous children's birthday party you've attended?


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Venae Venae

Isn't that animal cruelty?  Gators don't usually swim in cholrinated water.  Imagine someone taping your mouth shut and throwing you to a bunch of screaming kids - fun, huh?

fleur... fleurdelys3110

While I think there is something kind of cruel about taping gators' mouths shut so a bunch of kids can poke at them, there is nothing wrong with kids having over the top birthday parties. I remember one of my birthday parties (I believe it was my 11th) was a hummer limo rid into NYC with 15 of my friends, dinner at a well known restaurant, and a broadway show with orchestra seats. I didn't know at the time that it probably cost more than some weddings, but I definitely appreciated it and had so many fun memories that I recall to this day. If you could afford to give your child a birthday party like that, why wouldnt you?

Rebec... Rebecca7708

I agree that over the top birthdays are kind of ridiculous, most of the time. I think milestone birthday parties should be a little more special than the others. Like a sweet 16 or an 18th or even 5th. Next year, my oldest son is turning 5. I turn 30 the day before. Those are both a pretty big deal, so we are going to have a huge party with a bouncy castle, pony rides, a cotton candy machine and maybe a live band. And I'm sure we'll come up with something for the kids too!


Everyone involved with that should be ashamed of themselves.

OKgirl OKgirl

That's animal cruelty. Absolutely sad for those alligators. I am surprised PETA hasn't become involved. Hopefully, something will be done to stop this inhumane practice.


This is just terrible. It's crying out for animal cruelty. 

tbruc... tbrucemom

What amazes me is people are more concerned about the gators than the children! What if the tape comes off and it bites a child? Do you really want your child to not have a healthy fear/respect of gators especially in Florida where they're in practically every body of water? Gators also have a nasty bacteria that needs to be treated with specific antibotics. Talk about irony, my boyfriend is a nuisance gator trapper here in Florida and he gets called to remove alligators from people's pools all the time and now someone is making money putting them in pools to play with kids. Whatever happened to having a few friends over to play and have cake and ice cream, open some presents, etc. No wonder people today are never satisfied with the simple things in life. They're being raised to expect everything to be over the top and when mommy and daddy aren't there to make it happen and they have to go to work Monday thru Friday at a "boring" job or go home to a "boring" wife and kids they're unhappy.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i think over the top parties are just ridiculous unless, as someone else mentioned, it's a 'milestone' type of birthday (and even then, within reason!). my oldest daughter's favorite birthday? the year we took her to disneyland with her cousin (my niece). it was just the two of them, along with myself and my husband, so they had our undivided attention for the day. not that they wanted it, we were in disneyland! lol but it was a wonderful day, and now the kids ask us if we can make it a yearly birthday thing. what, you mean i don't have to plan parties or clean cake out of my floor anymore? i'm in!


I wouldn't be concerned about my child tbrucemom because my child wouldn't be in this pool. This is a bad idea every single way you look at it.

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