It’s Time to LOL -– With Elmo!


The following is a sponsored post from Hasbro.

Want to really WOW your toddler or preschooler this holiday? Little ones will love the new LOL Elmo from Sesame Street. Elmo laughs, tells jokes, rolls around on the floor in hysterics -- sort of like your own kid, but with an off switch!  

The giggle-fest starts when your child makes Elmo laugh by tickling his tummy, making silly sounds, pressing either of his feet, or squeaking Dorothy’s special fishbowl squeaker toy -- think of it as a remote control for silliness.


Seeing Elmo overcome with laughter will make your little one giggle, of course (that Elmo laugh is infectious, as we all know) -- and the laughs continue once Elmo unleashes his inner stand-up comic and starts telling jokes!

LOL Elmo is a truly interactive toy, responding to your child’s voice and touch with even more of his own adorable giggles and shakes. Kids will love to “tickle” his feet and tummy to make him laugh and roll and shake even more! And the more he laughs, the more he moves, so there’s never a shortage of giggles when LOL Elmo is around.

What makes your kids laugh?

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