'Dance Mom' Star's Attack on 'Honey Boo Boo' Is Getting Old (VIDEO)

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abby lee millerDance Mom's Abby Lee Miller has a message for Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson: Lose weight. Miller was recently stopped on the street, frazzled from "seeing her two chins" on the Dance Moms reunion, and she told TMZ that even though she doesn't watch Here Comes Honey Boo, she thinks little Alana needs to lose weight. The girl needs to "get in shape," according to Abby.

Wait, didn't this woman just say something about her "two chins"? And isn't Alana 7 years old?

It's clear that people have their thoughts, opinions, criticisms, concerns, and questions about Honey Boo Boo. And while there is something odd and gross-feeling about commenting on a little girl so much, in some ways, it's sort of fair game, because she is the star of a reality show (whether it's her choice or not). But when conversations start dovetailing into her weight -- and how she needs to lose some -- I think a line needs to be drawn. If Miller feels the need to fat shame -- herself and others -- why not pick on someone her own size? No pun intended.

Children reality show stars, and children in general, should be exempt from ridicule by others, period. Because they're children. They didn't put themselves on TV, and if they're not on TV, again, they're just kids -- they're fragile and they don't know any better. And when the ridicule pertains to their appearance, it's doubly worse. Who tells a 7-year-old they need to go on a diet? This is similar to when Teresa Giudice's daughter, Miliania -- who's 5 -- was made fun of ad nauseum on a Facebook page; some commenting on her eyebrows.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Miller might be slightly jealous of the success of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, as she's quick to mention that she's well-aware of the show's ratings. But telling Alana that she needs to lose weight isn't going to stop people from watching. The only thing it'll do is make people not like her.

Do you think these comments were out of line?


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Karen Nicholson

Alana isn't at a healthy weight but this a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Look in the mirror before you judge others.

nonmember avatar Krystle

Considering Abby's age, a woman naturally gains weight as she gets older. A child of seven years of age should not be at an unhealthy weight as that can cause juvenile diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Being in the spotlight it definitely going to bring on the criticism regardless. What matters is that she takes that criticism in stride and learns that not everyone is going to agree with her. As long as she doesn't let it get to her, then there should be no problem. It is in fact an OPINION from one person.

Cheyenne Rose

I don't think Abby meant it to mean Honey Boo Boo is fat I think she looks at differently when we do.I think she looks at as Honey boo boo is her client and if she came to Abby and said help me win pageants this is how she could train her to win.Abby own show isn't doing to bad so I doubt she is caring so much about ratings Dance moms is one if lifetimes most watched shows and Unusually has over 2 million people an esposide so I doubt that Abby is seriously jealous of little Honey Boo Boo .I think she looking at it as if Honey Boo Boo is my client how would I train her to win nothing more.

Autumn Brown

Funny how a big woman herself can say a CHILD needs to lose wiehgt! Mind your own business lady leave the kid alone, SHE'S JUST A KID! And take some of your own advice while you're preaching


Savannah Bluejay

After stating that she was not pleased with seeing her own “double-chin” on TV while watching the Dance Moms reunion show, Miller had the following to say.

TMZ Camera Dude: What do you think about Honey Boo Boo? Have you watched the show?

Abby Miller: Yeah, not much. She needs to get in shape (finger snap), get in a dance studio. She needs to be in training. She needs to work on her turn out, the whole nine yards.

TMZ Camera Dude: Do you think they’re exploiting their children?

Abby Miller: You know, her numbers were better than the Republican National Convention so they must be doing something right.

navyw... navywife0204

I've seen a few episodes of Dance moms, since I have a daughter in dance, and I think this woman is psychotic!!  I wouldn't EVER subject my daughter to this woman!

sofia... sofia0587

While I think Abby needs to lose major weight, that honey boo boo kid needs to lose weight, it's gross that her mom let's her eat so much junk I'm sorry but fat is not cute and most definitely not healthy!

Lori Pookiebear

First of all, Alana is a child and needs to be addressed as one. As for Abbey, she is a pig in more ways than one.

twili... twilightsbella

Ummm why is this ugly fat ass lady talkin crap about a little girls weight when she herself aint so healthy. Look in the mirror lady u aint got no room to talk about peoples weight when ur over weight and unhealthy looking

Natalie Hitzel

I don't really think she was out of line. She never even specifically said the child was "fat", she only suggested that she get herself in shape. She is a professional and strict dance teacher, she needs to be harsh and the man asked for her opinion...if she wasn't famous no one would care about her comment..

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