Kids Watching TV Is Absolutely Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Oct 1, 2012 Big Kid
Kids Watching TV Is Absolutely Beautiful (PHOTOS)

boy wrapped in blanket watching TV television
by Xanthe Berkeley

Just when I thought I might be the only mom with an appreciation for TV time (in moderation of course *cough cough*), photographer and mom Xanthe Berkeley shares this exquisite collection of black and white images that so poetically pay homage to exactly that -- kids watching TV! Xanthe is able to take these everyday moments in which her boys are obviously transported to a totally different place and time and capture them with such artistry. There is nothing finer.

Mom and boys jump
Xanthe Berkeley & her boys

"Watching" in Xanthe's own words:

"TV -- it's every child's nirvana ... well, it is in our house. I try to limit screen time to just weekends, so each Saturday and Sunday morning, my kids fill their heads with nonsense cartoons and crazy characters.

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I love to watch my boys as they watch. It's fascinating as they get sucked into this world, taking it all in, chuckling to themselves, and staring intently. They are oblivious to anything else going on around them, their full attention focused at the box.

You could debate forever about the damage all this TV viewing can do, but for me as a mother ... these are moments of childhood. Their innocence ... as they lounge on the sofa in positions I can't imagine are comfortable, limbs dangling and intertwined.

This is their cozy time, their escapism, and I'll keep on capturing it ... well, until they notice anyway."

Xanthe Berkeley lives in London with her partner and their two boys aged 10 & 8.


Photos via Xanthe Berkeley

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