Heartbroken Big Brother Finds His Baby Sister Dead in the Family Car

baby deadBabies found dead in cars due to heat stroke is, sadly, far too common. But most of the cases end the same -- a frantic run to the car by a father (or mother) followed by horror and shock. This story out of Miami is so much worse.

One might ask how any story that ends with a dead 6-month-old in an overheated car can get worse. Here's how: It was the baby girl's 6-year-old brother who found the body. My fingers ache just typing those words and my heart breaks for the little boy.

It seems his father had dropped him off at school that morning and then forgotten to drop his baby sister off, so when he returned to pick him up, his baby sister was still strapped into the seat. She couldn't be revived.

As a parent, these stories make you just physically ill. Most of us can imagine ourselves there -- a new routine (the dad didn't normally drive her), a lack of sleep, a distracted mind. We can picture the guilt and pain WE would go through. But what about our other children? What about the effect on them?

First, can you even imagine the anger that boy will have? At his dad. At the world. At his mom. At himself. I can scarcely even comprehend it. But also, the grief. My heart just aches for him.

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I know as a mom of two, my kids are so close to one another that the thought of something happening to one isn't only torture for me, but also makes me worry for the other one. Losing a sibling, especially that way, is just beyond anything any child should have to face.

As a mom, I would immediately tell my son it wasn't his fault (a 6-year-old will always think everything is), and I would put him in counseling. Nothing can save him from the grief, but one would hope he can at least be helped to get past the anger and guilt.

It's an unimaginable tragedy made all the worse by how she was found. I am going to hug my little ones a little tighter tonight and send my thoughts out to this poor family.

Do you ever think about what losing a sibling would do to your child?


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poppy... poppymuffin

"Forgot" to drop off his 6-month baby girl and then doesn't even notice her in the car before picking up his son from school? Who are these people???

nonmember avatar kaerae

If it was a new routine, don't you mean the dad normally DIDN't drive her? Right now it says "did drive her" just for when you edit it later and people point it out ;)

cmjaz cmjaz

Poor man. I, for one, don't think parents intentionally do this. It does make me mad, but I can still find sympathy for the parent that did this. Its terrible!

miche... micheledo

poppymuffin, that was my first reaction.  But as far as not noticing her - with rear facing infants, it is completely feasible that you can't see the baby unless you purposely look in the back seat or climb back there. 

I still can't imagine forgetting to drop off a child.  No matter how much I try.  I don't understand that.

I'm so very sorry for this little boy and his parents.  I cannot fathom the grief.

nonmember avatar Christie

"(the dad did normally drive her)" Did you mean the dad didn't normally drive her...... And that seems to always be the excuse but I do hope these parents and situations get heavily scrutinized because this never makes any sense to me, HOW can you forget your child is with you. Routine or not you have to catch on at some point....this has to be one of the most painful ways to die and I hope that there are not just a whole lot of baby killers getting away with it using this as the way to murder them without being punished.... I just cannot wrap my head around loading older sibling and baby and baby stuff up in the car, running to daycare and dropping only sibling off then driving to work without noticing you have the baby with you. I am not buying this, sorry.

Knife Knife

Wait.. what happened, exactly? He dropped his older child off, went back home, and left the baby girl in the seat until six hours later when he was picking up his older child?

How horrible..

nonmember avatar Michelle

I'm with poppymuffin..."forget"?!? Even when I was IN my most sleep deprived haze with a newborn, I STILL cannot understand how this happens. Although usually it's the parent that finds the child...I feel horrible for this little boy...how completely AWFUL.

MomLi... MomLily67

I've read other reports about cases like this, but none where the older sibling found out litlle brother/sister dead. How terribly sad.  The dad was not the one that usually dropped off baby at daycare, it can happen, adults are so entranced with "adult" things..............

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

I'll never understand how this happens to people who are not on drugs.

Rosas... RosasMummy

I dont drive a car so I can't exactly comment on this precise situation, but I have and I know other people who have, been in the bank or whatever with their newborn in a pram and then walked away and left the pram, however this probably happened to me twice at a maximum and I would say it was an absolute maximum of 5 steps before I jolted and turned round. I do get how u could think 'did I drop them off at nursery? Yeah of course I did' but that seems like something I would do wen I am really really used to dropping my child off and have a hundred memories of it so could confuse myself thinking that I must have done it today as well, not when a routine is new in your head.

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