9 Signs Your Kid Is Too Darn Big to Be Riding in a Stroller

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StrollerWe’d all love to keep our babies babies just a little while longer, to cuddle them and kiss on them and nuzzle their little pint-sized bodies before they get all independent and will only let you hold them when they’re sick or sleepy. But moms (and dads, grandparents, and nannies), there have been a number of TDBFSthat would be Too Damn Big For Strollers—sightings, and not just in walking-intensive areas like amusement parks. It’s not going to keep your little ones little any longer. It’s just going to stress your stroller out.

I’ve seen children well on their way to middle school stuffed into and stooped over inside of Peg Peregos and Orbits, knees all but dragging on the ground beneath them, mommies and daddies seemingly oblivious as they dutifully push their overloaded bundles of joy on wheels. It seems some of us don’t know quite when to let it go. If I may, I offer a few tips:

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  1. If your kids’ legs are long enough to fold completely under the seat
  2. If your kid can scoot the stroller forward with his own feet, Fred Flintstone-style
  3. If you constantly have to buy your kid new sneakers because dragging has created wear and tear on her shoes
  4. If your kid can clearly offer another child their seat and push them instead
  5. If your kid can give directions to a stranger
  6. If your kid can cross her legs like a diva at a dinner party
  7. If your kid can recite his ABCs, identify colors, and list at least 10 state capitals
  8. If your kid can fold the stroller up and slide it into the backseat of the car
  9. If your kid can push you in the stroller

I know children get tired and their little legs need to get a rest from all of that running and skipping and playing. But c’mon parents—they can’t transition directly from a stroller into their first driving lessons.

When did you know it was time to pack the stroller away?

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nonmember avatar samanda

This post is crap. My 7 year old has special needs and YES when we go out to the mall or somewhere stressful in the stroller he goes. F u to anyone who has an issue with it. Stop being so dang judgemental

cecil... cecillesmommy

Kiddo told me she too big about three months after her 3rd birthday. She prefers (and so do I) being carried in her SSC when walking around the city. Stroller only really comes out when we are going somewhere walk intensive, like the zoo or the mall.

nonmember avatar Mommaof2

I think this post is wrong. My son is autistic and at seaworld guess where he was in most of the time. Yep. A stroller. Why are moms so judgey?

Mommy... Mommy2justone

We bought a wagon after her 3rd birthday for the zoo and other places where walking might be too long for her.

Teresa Fogus


nonmember avatar Christine

My daughter is 4 1/2 and has autism and global developmental delays. She also has brain abnormalities and did not walk until after the age of 3. She still can't walk nearly as well as children her age and cannot run or jump. I'd be lost without our stroller. I don't know why people feel the need to judge others for something like this.

Lindsey Smith Mahan

LMAO. It's clear this post is directed at children that do not have special needs, it's meant to be funny. On that note- my 4 year old spend her time in there as a time out in public if she doesn't want to listen to me- and she IS too tall for it. I'll do it anyway though, until she folds the stroller up on her own...then maybe it's time to quit...haha

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Either this blogger has no kids or she is just ignorant. Mind your own business. What do you care if someones child is in a stroller. My son is has autism and he's 6. He runs off and needs his hands held AT ALL TIMES!! Sorry that if we're out on a long day, he will be in the jogging stroller which he actually enjoys. Next time you judge, think about how there are special needs children out there who actually NEED to be in a stroller!!!!!!!

OoOJa... OoOJanisOoO

At least when they are in strollers they are behaving! People complain when kids are running around and screaming and then those same people judge when we put them in strollers. I have a 2 month old and I can't be chasinmg my 3 year old everywhere. God forbid I spank him or yell at him sometimes the stroller is my only option.

Stink... Stinkydog

1. unless the stroller is running over your foot or banging into you or blocking your path or in someway affecting you physically rather than just being annoying (to you) in your presence--get over it.  

2. as others have pointed out, special needs kids get a pass even if they have gone over whatever arbitrary "limits" you have placed on stroller riding.

3. because so many special needs aren't visible to the eye, you may be judging someone with special needs unknowingly which kinda makes you a jerk. So unless you enjoy being a jerk, try not judging others to harshly for piddly shit like whether you think some kid is too big for a ride.

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