8 Sign-Up Sheets That Tell Moms What They're REALLY In For When They Volunteer at School

sign up sheetAs far as letters from the teacher go, the one parents near Philadelphia found in their kids' folders recently has to win some kind of award for pure genius. The pre-printed form inviting parent volunteers to sign up to chaperone the class trip doesn't try to woo them with promises of gratitude or platitudes about being "involved."

The letter is hilariously honest. Volunteer and you're going to ride on a bus with 50-plus noisy fifth graders, eat greasy fast food ...

Hey, it sounds better than the teacher blowing smoke up your butt, doesn't it? What if all those parent volunteer sign-up sheets got a little more honest?


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What if, instead of expounding on the benefits of being an involved parent, they just cut the crap and told us what we were in for? Do they really think we'd stop doing things for our kids if we knew up front that it was going to kind of suck?

After the good laugh we got over everything it would take to chaperone those fifth graders, I'm thinking parents would appreciate the honesty! So here you go, a few forms you can submit next time you want to sign up as a volunteer mom or dad!

Which one is your favorite?


Image via TheDigitel Myrtle Beach/Flickr

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