Transgender 3rd Grader Wants to Pee With the Girls & Her School Should Let Her

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little girls feetAn elementary school in New Hampshire says it's welcoming a transgendered third-grader as a girl. The child will be able to use the girls' restroom, will dress like a girl, and will be addressed as a girl at school. Janson Wu, the lawyer who helped her parents reach an agreement with her new school, says accommodating transgendered students is new territory for everyone, but "we're going to see a lot more students coming out. And that's something that schools and parents need to be prepared to deal with."

It sounds like maybe the girl's previous school was not so prepared. She transferred this fall from a different city school. I wonder how many of her teachers and classmates already know if this new student is transgendered -- and if so, how much it matters to them. Will they eventually find out? How exactly is this going to work out in the bathroom?

I'll admit my first thought: A third-grader? How would this child know at such a young age? But I happen to live with a third-grader. I know how willful he is, and how clear he is about his identity. So yeah, I believe this transgendered girl feels strongly about being a girl. Gender identity becomes super important starting around the age of 7. This is definitely the result of her reaching a developmental milestone.

I think her fellow classmates can handle it. But I hope they get support from their parents, too. No parent should be filling their kids' heads with bigoted ideas. This is an opportunity for families to grow compassion. Who knows why there are kids born one gender but feel like they're the other gender? Does it really matter? You should still treat them with dignity and respect. This is an important lesson for all kids (and their parents!) to learn.

So I'm glad the school is accepting this transgendered student. The district superintendent, Mark Conrad, says the agreement between the girl's parents and the school is meant to help the girl thrive in the classroom -- and that's exactly what the school should be focusing on. Girl or boy, it doesn't matter. Let her pee in the girls' bathroom! However this student wants to be identified, it's the school's job to provide her with the best education they possibly can in an environment that doesn't cause her extra stress. I hope it works out.

What do you think of the school's decision to accept a transgendered third-grader?


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nonmember avatar Gretta

Agree with amazzonia.

Heath... HeatherJo11

Bizarre. Very bizarre. I don't think a boy should be in the girls bathroom with my little girl. Inappropriate. This whole thing is weird.

fave82 fave82

Mental illness. Get his kid some therapy.

fave82 fave82


the4m... the4mutts

I think kids aren't equipped to make these decisions, and people need to stop letting kids run the lives of everyone around them.

Kid might not feel the same next year, or the year after, or when puberty hits, or when they get made fun of. What are they going to do, change schools every time the kid changes their mind? Sue the schools for having a bad environment when their kid is picked on?

Puberty is a better age for these decisions. Their brain can better determine consequences, and their hormones start to come into play. Being transgendered isn't like being homosexual. Lots of people change their minds on it.

I mean look at the "man" who kept "his" lady parts to reproduce. That is one confused person. Real men can't have babies, and wanting to live as a man for real, means you give that up.

I'm glad the school is being accomidating. But at this age, they shouldn't have to be.

Scott Davis

There is a transgender kid in my sons class. If you didn't know, you would have no idea she was a boy. They do make her use the boys restroom. 

navyw... navywife0204

as this child advances in school, what will happen when she has to dress out for PE class?  the other girls are going to notice, then subject this child to bullying.

nonmember avatar Megan

Um....since the girl is transgendered, isn't that an inner thing? I mean how many times do we hear that; it has nothing to do with anatomical sex?

Her sex and anatomy, is still male... don't they have separate bathrooms for children at that age, to avoid anatomy issues and exposure at an early age? How will the other girls feel in the girls bathroom if they HAPPEN to see a penis on the little girl next to them... sounds like a sacrifice of common sense on all accounts to me.

Seems like if they truly wanted to raise a strong child who can take on the world, they should teach their son/daughter that it is fine that he wants to become a girl someday and he/she can be whatever they know is right inside: but on the outside he was born as an anatomical male and that means his life will be a little different for awhile growing up: he will have to use the potty with boys like a boy since that's what he has: a boy penis, like all the other boys.

nonmember avatar Krelia

I always found it a bit comical that of all the things we say Kid's are incapable of doing do to their age (violence/crime,dating etc), that people are ok with "oh hey, you want to be a girl? Good for you!".

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