5 Awesome Reasons to Cook With Your Kids

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As much as we want to whip up healthy and delicious meals for our families each night, sometimes standing in front of the stove and cooking dinner or baking a batch of yummy treats can get a bit tedious for moms. And sometimes, meal preparation can even get in the way of enjoying quality time with our children after school.

But cooking doesn't have to be seen as a huge chore, especially if you make it fun for the whole family by getting your kids involved in the process instead of trying to fix meals alone.


Aside from giving you some much needed assistance in the kitchen, here are five more awesome reasons to cook with your kids and make meal time fun.

  1. Helping make dinner makes kids feel important. Kids love to be given tasks and feel like they're lending a helping hand, and cooking up yummy things in the kitchen is no exception. Knowing the delicious meal on the table is something they helped create makes them feel special.
  2. Cooking gets kids interested in food. And if you have picky eaters on your hands like many of us do, getting them to try new things can be pretty challenging. Getting kids excited about cooking will give them more incentive to try foods they normally wouldn't go near.
  3. It encourages healthy eating habits. Kids are much more likely to develop a taste for healthy foods if they are involved in putting the recipes together.
  4. Cooking = electronic-free time together. We're all so consumed by our smart phones, computers, televisions, and other devices these days that it's often hard to resist the urge to zone out instead of actually doing fun activities. Making meals together is a wonderful way to squeeze family bonding time into your day.
  5. It helps kids get into a good routine. Knowing thery're expected to be helping out in the kitchen at a certain time each day teaches kids responsibility -- something all moms strive for.

What do you most enjoy about cooking with your kids?

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 reasons to cook with your kids


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