Bullied Boy's Heartbreaking Message Is One All Kids Should See (VIDEO)

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bullied boyWe can try and teach our kids to be kind to others and preach the messages about why bullying is wrong, and hope that they absorb them. But sometimes our messages fall on deaf ears, and it takes something more powerful -- like a message from one of their peers -- to really get through to them.

The brave boy in this video, identified only as Ricky, made this video in which through a serious of handwritten messages he tells how much kids' cruelty affects him at school. He says he feels like "he needs to be someone else" so that people will like him when all he wants to be is himself.  He also gives an example of how he was taunted even on National Suicide Awareness Day.

The sad thing is that there are thousands of kids out there like him feeling like this each and every day. No one is going to be liked by everyone, and there's a certain amount of kids-will-be-kids teasing that will never go away, but when kids are hurting this badly, something is wrong. Something must be done.

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Good for Ricky for expressing himself like this. Hopefully his message will let others know they're not alone, and that other kids will see it and realize just how much their actions can hurt others.

In what ways do you try to prevent your children from becoming bullies? Do you worry more about them getting bullied or becoming a bully?


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Tonda Rhodes

I totally agree with this boy who took the time to express himself. I love the fact that he will be him regardless of others ill feelings. They always say stand up for what you believe in and as long as you do, the power of love will eventually defeat the power of pain.

t0vanal t0vanal

A couple of things that could help with the misfits in school (i know because I was one of them):

- never let kids pick their own groups to do projects in.  My stomach would drop whenever we had to do this becasue undoubtably I wasn't going to have anyone to be in a group with.

-Don't let kids pick their own teams in gym, leaving that last "loser" to be stuck standing there alone.

- Teachers need to make sure all students in class get to talk, not just the loud ones.  

There is more but it is all imo so I won't go on.  But I do feel like the teachers could do a lot more to help these kids.

nonmember avatar Carrie Lynn

This video is produced....I know they are cause I have helped with these PSA's. I mean, really...the FIRST clue is that a kid that age would never use the word irony. These are supposed to make kids feel bad about being bullies, but the honest truth is that a bully will never feel like they are doing anything wrong....and, sadly, neither will their parents.

Lara Lohne


I was actually bullied as a child, sometimes beat up and I never knew why. I suppose being abused at home made me an easy target to physical abuse by my peers and taunting and teasing which drove me to tears nearly every day. Some of my children have been bullied, but none of them are bullies. My biggest fear is for my youngest son who has autism and just began kindergarten this year. He had a bully, would taunt him on the bus on the way to school until my son began to scream out of frustration and overload. There may be many things about social interaction that my son doesn't understand, but he is by no means stupid and is very aware of when he's being teased. But unlike me, or any of my other kids, he doesn't hold a grudge against this boy. (Continued in next comment...)

Lara Lohne


(Part II) It turns out, this boy just wanted to belong and my son had been embraced and enfolded in the core group of new kindergarteners and they all watch out for and protect each other. This boy wanted to be included in that, so they started allowing him to play with them, included him in their before bus time games and yesterday, as my son and I were walking home from the special needs bus he rides home from school (which came just before the general population bus) this boy deliberately waited on the bottom step until we were near him, and then waved and said with a big smile on his face, "Hi, Viktor!" (my son's first name) and my son said hi back, with prompting, and now he has made a friend out of his bully. Why I don't think that bullying should be allowed, in many cases, the bully may be just trying to figure out a way to fit in. These little kids embraced the bully, just as they embraced my son and protected him from the bully. Now that is the way to deal with a bully!

nonmember avatar can't stop it

It is heartbreaking but unfortunately you can't stop it unless you fight back because bullies never fight back. You can't say it's going to get easier-would you believe it if you were bullied? When I started swinging it stopped. But those were the days you fought on the playground

Kelly Michelle Shore

Ricky,You are a brave and beautiful person.....Thank you for your message and I am gonna share it on my facebook page so more people will see it......All the best to you...YOU DESERVE IT....

spani... spanishblueyes

I wish we could say that its only a childhood thing but we all know adults who still act that way. Most of us have to deal with them at work alot.  All we can do is teach our kids how to deal with it in a way that is positive for them, try to surround themselves with positive people and activities and keep away from those types of people in thier personal lives where they can. 

Charlotte Ann Mauzy Sego

WE must get to children as early as possible. I am not in favor of sending kids into institutionalized systems at birth, but I know it happens. When there are too many children to care for in an institution, many are
emotionally neglected. We must educate children as the earliest age, to encourage their friends, clap for them when they are little and make them feel that they have someone who cares. Adults must give them hugs and let them know they are loved. This all starts from the day they are born. They need hugs, exercise, a good healthy diet, something good to strive for, and most of all a significant other who thinks they are "ALL THAT". We can't wait until they are in 5th grade or middle school to undo what has been done. Then it may be too late. (we have a suicide at a local high school in my community for the last three years). Parents, Teachers, and caregivers, wake up and realize that we must nurture emotionally healthy chilren, who will grow into emotionally healhy adults, who will nurture their own children...and the beat goes on..............

Klari... Klaritydawn

That is one of the saddest things I've ever seen and it makes me angry! What is wrong with kids today? Why this little boy??? What is it that these kids think is so wrong with him?? There is NOTHING wrong with this little guy...he is adorable and clearly intelligent! Why are parents not more involved in kids lives today...why do they not know their kiddos are acting like little monsters, mistreating this precious little soul??? Are the parents raising their kids to think and believe they are so much better than everyone else, I mean seriously WHAT is wrong with these kids? Too many kids have taken their own lives over BULLIES and it MUST be stopped, not next year, next week or even tomorrow....RIGHT NOW before we lose yet another precious soul to bullying! I am extremely distraught for this baby!! Someone do something NOW! What about the school officials...where are they and what are they doing to save this kids life? Listen sweet one there is NOTHING wrong with you....NOTHING! These kids have serious issues NOT YOU!

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