Bullied Boy's Heartbreaking Message Is One All Kids Should See (VIDEO)

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bullied boyWe can try and teach our kids to be kind to others and preach the messages about why bullying is wrong, and hope that they absorb them. But sometimes our messages fall on deaf ears, and it takes something more powerful -- like a message from one of their peers -- to really get through to them.

The brave boy in this video, identified only as Ricky, made this video in which through a serious of handwritten messages he tells how much kids' cruelty affects him at school. He says he feels like "he needs to be someone else" so that people will like him when all he wants to be is himself.  He also gives an example of how he was taunted even on National Suicide Awareness Day.

The sad thing is that there are thousands of kids out there like him feeling like this each and every day. No one is going to be liked by everyone, and there's a certain amount of kids-will-be-kids teasing that will never go away, but when kids are hurting this badly, something is wrong. Something must be done.

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Good for Ricky for expressing himself like this. Hopefully his message will let others know they're not alone, and that other kids will see it and realize just how much their actions can hurt others.

In what ways do you try to prevent your children from becoming bullies? Do you worry more about them getting bullied or becoming a bully?


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Rhonda Johnson

This just breaks my heart, but what an amazing, wonderful young man .He has shown great courage by making this video, and I pray things will get better for him. Kids can be so cruel, and they don't realize the lasting effects of their behavior. Keep your chin up and know that you are worthy and that yes, you do belong. ((((HUGS)))) :)

Shawnee Bowlin

I got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I would like to tell this little boy that what people say is a reflection of them, NOT him. But the sad thing is, it doesn't matter how many adults give him moral support. He has to make up his mind to stay strong and kids will continue to make bad choices, including bullying others. No one can watch his back 24/7. I pray he will overcome. Maybe it would help if schools had a group for outcasts with good adult leadership or even kids at the school who were willing to start such a group so the kids who get bullied would have somewhere to fit in.

mumma... mummajenni

Yes, parents need to instill in their children the skills to deal with bullies and with being bullied.

But parents also need to raise their children to be kind to others and to not bully. It's monkey see, monkey do, and if you're an asshole or a bitch toward others in front of your children, guess what they learn to do? It's the parents of bullies who need the help.

Sharon Tinsley

A brave young man..We need to listen/watch..Remember 'a child shall lead them'

Michelle Brown

The world needs more kids like this boy. A lot of adults could take a lesson from him as well. We would all have a better and kinder world to live in.


Katie Putman

I live in Decatur Illinois and about a week or two ago, a 14 year old boy committed suicide because of bullying. He was severely teased by peers because he was overweight, and the school did nothing about it. He got in a fight at school defending himself, and the principal suspended both children. That night, the boy killed himself. Sad that the people who are suppose to be watching out for these kids wont do anything to stop the bullying.

nonmember avatar Zoey L.

I dont know that I have ever cried as much as I just did watching this video. Kids can be so very cruel and unkind. They dont realize that those things that they say and do will stay with this young boy for a lifetime. My heart goes out to him...

Cheryl Espey

More people need to see this and understand the pain and the feeling of not being good enough and not being liked or accepted the way you are. Just let others be who they are, especially if they aren't hurting you or others, let them like what they want to like, let them be who they want to be, without name-calling and bullying. Kids can be so cruel, and adults even more cruel, hateful, and judgmental. Someone always has to think that they are somehow better or smarter or superior to someone else. We all have unique differences that make us all individuals. There are wonderful people, children and adults, being put down, teased, bullied, and even ganged up on for no good reason at all. How very sad. It isn't just children and young people, it is adults as well who are having to deal with this from others who just can't seem to leave someone be, they can't leave someone alone and allow them to be happy and to feel like they are somebody and they matter!! I've been teased, bullied, and not accepted by so many in my life... (kids, adults, various clicks.) I hope this video gets around to millions of people, parents, kids, teachers, bosses, co-workers. It might just make some people stop and think.... does it really matter how someone writes Love on their arm, or does it matter more that you care and that your heart is in the right place!? I would've written it the same way he did. :) I've been learning that it's ok to stand up for myself now. I hope he does too. :)

Andrew D. Renshaw

I disagree. I dont feel for this kid one bit... I feel sorry for the kids bullying him. this kid is obviously a lot smarter than the kids that bully him. smarter, braver, and more socially aware. he'll be fine. I love his reference to writing Love on his wrist. if I was him and those girls were laughing at me, I would feel so proud that they dont know shit about what they are talking about. onc in the 3rd grade a group of about 10 kids came up to me and asked me "are you a homo-sapian" I looked at them plainly and said "yes" and they all went off laughing hysterically . I stood there for a min, speechless, were my classmates THAT stupid... yes, yes they were

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Kids will pick on other kids who are better than they are because they are threatened by it.  This boy has a special light that shines--some can't take the light.  Adults do this too--find ways to put down those who are more advanced intellectually and spiritually--and it's simply because they're threatened.  Andrew D. Renshaw, you are right--he'll come out ok because he's so much better (as long as he realises he is.)

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