Bullied Boy's Heartbreaking Message Is One All Kids Should See (VIDEO)

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bullied boyWe can try and teach our kids to be kind to others and preach the messages about why bullying is wrong, and hope that they absorb them. But sometimes our messages fall on deaf ears, and it takes something more powerful -- like a message from one of their peers -- to really get through to them.

The brave boy in this video, identified only as Ricky, made this video in which through a serious of handwritten messages he tells how much kids' cruelty affects him at school. He says he feels like "he needs to be someone else" so that people will like him when all he wants to be is himself.  He also gives an example of how he was taunted even on National Suicide Awareness Day.

The sad thing is that there are thousands of kids out there like him feeling like this each and every day. No one is going to be liked by everyone, and there's a certain amount of kids-will-be-kids teasing that will never go away, but when kids are hurting this badly, something is wrong. Something must be done.

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Good for Ricky for expressing himself like this. Hopefully his message will let others know they're not alone, and that other kids will see it and realize just how much their actions can hurt others.

In what ways do you try to prevent your children from becoming bullies? Do you worry more about them getting bullied or becoming a bully?


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CPN322 CPN322

You are amazing Ricky. God bless you and your strength.

Jen Peterson-Neel

This young man should be proud of himself for having the courage to make this video. It was very moving.

Jaime Swift Sundin

Bullying starts with us, the parents.  If we dont set a better example then our kids will continue to suffer and die because words cause so much damage.

Nakia Lockley

What I find ironic is that it is now a crime to cause a victim of bullying to commit suicide but there is no crime for bullying period. And what is worse is that schools do nothing when it is reported, they all act like it is "no big deal" and the child being bullied will "get over it". If parents are the starting point for bullies, then schools are just encouraging it by pretending nothing is going on, it does not exist, or they do nothing at all.

Jamie Sutherland

This breaks my heart seeing how this young man just wants to have friends and belong somewhere. His bravery will get him far in live as long as he does not allow bullying to bring him down.

Makes me wonder how my son is going to be treated in school. He has a cleft lip and palette and it would kill me to hear that someone did that to him. I am trying to raise my son not to be a bully but not worry about what kids say about you.

I really hope this boy can overcome anything that these bullies are doing to him. Granted girls are mean and cruel why would she have him write "love" on his wrist?

Sylvia Basdeo

As I watched this Video, tears are in my eyes, I felt this poor childs pain..  I just wanted to take him in my arms and tell him he does belong and I know he is hurting,  but he does need to know not all kids are like that and the ones who are, always make fun of others because they are self concious and insecure in their own skin...  Parents need to educate their children everyday not to make fun or bullie other children for one day it could be them on the recieving end...

Teresa Ann Story

I think you are an amazing and very courageous young man..................and love is love, in any direction Darlin'..............you hold your head up, smile a beautiful smile and be happy that you are not some sad person who must stand on the back of someone they've knocked down to make them feel taller....................You are truly a fabulous and strong young man! Don't change a thing !

Deann... Deanna2872

Kids can be assholes, no doubt. Hopefully this boy will make it through and in the long run, find the strength within himself to rise above these kinds of situations in life. And maybe schools will actually implement these 'zero tolerance' policies we keep hearing about.

Several years ago my son was suspended for a week for fighting. The kid he fought with had been relentlessly tormenting another, smaller child for months...and was actively harrasing the child in a hallway in front of other students. My son had seen enough (he had also been bullied by this kid the year before), he tried to intervene, got hit, and just finally gave the bully what was coming to him. At home, my son didn't get in trouble. He did the right thing. But it could have all been avoided if the school had followed its own policies in the first place and taken steps to get the bullying under control from the start-

Millie Koolwick

No Darling.. You Just Stand Tall and Ignore Those that are so ignorant and walk towards those who dont have the strength.. You have showed the strength by this video.  YOU GO Sweetheart .. you will SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaren Goodnough

i just watched this video with my five year old boy and he agreed that we need to be accepting and encouraging! i think this boy is adorable and very brave for making this video and i hope he one day will know in his heart how valuable and loved he is!

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