Elizabeth Hurley's Little Girl Bikinis Are So Wrong (VIDEO)

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Elizabeth Hurley bikini lineMove over Jessica Simpson! British actress Elizabeth Hurley has moved into the role of famous mom who dares to dress little girls in bikinis, and the controversy over her new swimwear line for kids is nearly as silly as the scandal over "sexy" baby Maxwell wearing a two-piece.

Actually, scratch that. What's silly is that Hurley has added bikinis for itty bitty girls to her clothing line to begin with.

Doesn't she know bikinis for little girls are a complete pain in the tuchus?

My 7-year-old daughter would fit right into the age range for Hurley's line, but you won't see me buying one any time soon. And let me just make this clear up front: it has nothing to do with "sexualizing" young girls.

There is nothing sexy about a little girl in a bikini ... at least not to normal, everyday Americans who look at little girls and see little girls. There is a lot to complain about though.

Just for starters, can we talk about little girls' complete inability to keep these things in place? Without breasts to catch on, the teeny weeny triangles on top tend to move around, exposing the nipples they were made to cover. The bottoms, on the other hand, are subject to being caught on the pool ladder and getting yanked down by the weight of the water, leaving our girls with no coverage for their private parts.

Then there's that huge expanse of skin that's left open when a little girl is wearing a two-piece bathing suit instead of a one-piece or a rashguard. All that bare skin has to be coated in sunblock multiple times by a parent, and judging by the way my daughter squirms during the sunblock application, this is a process the CIA could start using on terrorist suspects to elicit information.

And if that isn't enough, we moms have to deal with idiots who insist that we're practically begging the pedophiles to make off with our daughters if we place them in a bikini. 

The fact is, there are enough bathing suits out there to satisfy the masses without all the hassles. Maybe Elizabeth Hurley and her ilk should stick to marketing those to our girls, and we can move on to the next controversy (formula anyone?).

Do you let your daughter wear a bikini?


Image via ElizabethHurley.com

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Jscot... Jscott1216

My 5 yr old wears a tankini. I can't stand these stringy things that kids at that age just shouldn't be wearing. It's not appropriate at that age and I quite agree they don't have the body parts or the sensevyetbto keep these pieces in place. These girls are over exposed.

paren... parentalrights1

Oh no. Can't have someone see the little nipple on a girl with no boobs that looks just like a little boy.

Give me a fucking break. It's time we stopped oversexualizing breasts anyway.

And little boys lose their swimtrunks all the time, but we just laugh when that happens.

If the parent doesn't give a shit about applying sunblock multiple times, what's it to you?

Who cares if pedophiles see children in bathing suits. I see an issue if they get kidnapped, but a bathing suit isn't making that more or less likely. There are pedophiles everywhere you go and they will look at your children either way and also, pedophiles look at little boys too, but again, I don't see anyone trying to insist that swimtrunks are too immodest.

Just accept it. Society is still stupid over the idea that women are property that needs to be covered.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I think children wearing bikinis is just fine. But that one leopard one I would never put my child in for the fact that the sides on the bottom are itty bitty strings that have to be tied. She would constantly be losing her bottoms at the pool or beach. Also, I think "string" bikinis aren't child friendly. I do love bikinis for the fact that they are easy to take on and off for potty breaks, getting sand out, etc. but yes, it's a pain in the *ss to apply sunblock constantly.

purpl... purpleflower514

If I had a daughter it would be bottoms/board shorts and a rash guard, just like my sons wear. Too much skin for the sun to hit.

Gina Kilby

this is a joke. who cares if little girls wear bikinis. do you know how hard it is for a 4 year old to take a wet swimsuit down to go potty? thats asking for an accident. 1 pieces are also harder to put on in general. my mother bought my 4 year old a 1 piece b/c she said 2 pieces were "evil".  when she made my daughter try it on, there was so much confusion. it was like trying to watch a man put on a baby sling. it was ridiculous. my super tall 4 year old now has a size 7/8 2 piece swimsuit.

MomaL... MomaLlama

One piece bathing suits for kids are for the devil. (heck they aren't too friendly for adults either, but at least we don't have to pee every 15 minutes)  I remember practically falling over in the bathroom trying to pull up a wet one piece bathing suite that had rolled it's self up around my ankles while I was using the bathroom. 

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

Not sure I see the issue with bikinis on youngsters. What is the big deal. I will probably put my daughter in one for the mere convienience of it



LSeab... LSeabolt1982

So all you people talking about these BABIES being over exposed never let their child swim in just a swim diaper. They are freaking babies for gods sake.

Jscot... Jscott1216

I didn't say no bikinis period. Like I said my 5 yr old wears a tankini. I just don't see the need for string bikinis or these skimpy little things shown here. Maybe some people think its ok for their little girl to run around with their little bits hanging out but that's not what I want or my kid. That's my personal preference and opinion.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I am with the rest of the conservative moms here...they are cute on BABIES (like Jessica's baby Maxwell) but I just think they are inappropriate for young girls period. Call me a prude...I could care less. I also agree with purpleflower's statement about sunscreen.

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