10 Reasons All Parents Should Get a Dog

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Last week, I wrote about the ways puppies are harder than kids. I was called deplorable, sick, and vicious ... among other things. Yikes, people!

Well, even for me, having a dog isn't all bad. In fact, I do have a few reasons I'm rather fond of it ...

1. The kids occasionally climb into the dog crate and the house has never been more peaceful.

2. I finally found something to do with all of those single socks I've acquired ... chew toys!

3. People are friendlier to you when you have a dog verses a child. Really.

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4. No more vacuuming the floor after dinner. A dog provides built-in leftover cleanup.

5. A dog forces you to be a morning person. Or at least be a night person who's awake at the crack of dawn.

6. You are greeted with a wagging tail and happy face. Always.

7. The kids have a constant playmate. I'm sure the dog loves tea parties and dress-up!

8. Your kids will pick up their toys, knowing if they don't, they will become dog toys.

9. You'll have hours of built-in amusement. Who needs TV when you can watch a dog wrestle with her toy bear for 45 minutes?

10. You have a dog. And the house really isn't the same without one.


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Jesicalyn Mary Potter

Lol I thought this may sway me, but nope my 3 reasons still stand 1 I am afraid them, 2 I am allergic to them 3 Dogs are not allowed in my house via the Landlord. (but had I wanted one Im sure I could take care of number 3 without a problem, after all, I swayed him to let me keep my cat) So maybe in 10 years I could get a dog for my kids to learn responsibility But in the current day, No thank you.

we2an... we2angels

you forgot protection, even a little dog barking is a deterrent to burglars.

we haven't had dogs in three years now due to renting. there's a lot I don't miss, like shedding, but as soon as we but we'll definitely get a shelter dog for girls.

Linz0522 Linz0522

I always wanted my kids to grow up with a dog.  So a month ago we adopted from a shelter a 5 month old border collie puppy.  She is amazing.  THe kids literally play for HOURS with her.......I actually have to put her somewhere else for a little while so she can nap.  Poor dog rarely gets a break but she loves it.  It is the perfect playmate for my 3.5 year old and 14 month old!

Stacie M Humm

LOL! It makes me giggle when parents complain about dog crap? My loving sister cleaned human crap off of my two yealr olds whole body yesterday! LOL! I am jsut happy he didn't get it in the dog crate when he was playing in there :)


Shannon Aileen Kenyon

We have rescued many dogs and had to finally stop because of the heart break of rehoming. We now have a 5 month old beagle puppy named Molly and our lives would not be the same without her! She's so much fun and has so much freaking energy! My son adores her and she's my little buddy. And my husband is just over the moon about her. He even picked her out!

Todd Vrancic

Border Collies are really high-energy dogs (my sister had one.)  Watch out, though, because they are bred to herd, and might try herding your kids.

TTC2Long TTC2Long

6a. Unless you are greeted by a dropout tail and guilty face. In which case the search begins.

Rumsita Rumsita

#4 is the reason that I wish I had a dog for about 5 minutes every day.  But obviously that's not enough to warrant getting one.  I just wish the cat was more useful.

Debbie Tsamasiros

For those who don't have a dog because of shedding not all dogs shed. My 2 year old Morkie doesn't shed and he is the love of my life for the person who said dogs are disgusting you are disgusting. My neice has 2 small children and she just got 2 small puppies and they kids love them. Its just like having kids. Also the person who said they don't want to clean the yard after the dog goes WALK THE DOG. The person who said her husabdn is allergic is he allergic to all dogs? My nephew is allergic to long haired dogs not short haired.

nonmember avatar LittleFirebrand

There really is nothing like watching your 4 year old laying up against "her" dog reading a book or when you find that she's sneaked the puppy up to her room and you find them curled up together in bed - both asleep. Precious moments indeed.

We have 3 dogs but our newest is an 9 month old Leonberger/German Shepherd mix that we adopted from a rescue. Best dog EVER! Loves his crate, loves my 4 year old, generally doesn't chew and doesn't have to constantly tag at my heels like my other dogs. Very protective of our kids too. I feel so much better with my 4 year old playing in the yard when he's with her. Of course I'm out there with her but we have a really big yard and it just feels better knowing that there is someone else watching over her too.

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