10 Reasons All Parents Should Get a Dog

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Last week, I wrote about the ways puppies are harder than kids. I was called deplorable, sick, and vicious ... among other things. Yikes, people!

Well, even for me, having a dog isn't all bad. In fact, I do have a few reasons I'm rather fond of it ...

1. The kids occasionally climb into the dog crate and the house has never been more peaceful.

2. I finally found something to do with all of those single socks I've acquired ... chew toys!

3. People are friendlier to you when you have a dog verses a child. Really.

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4. No more vacuuming the floor after dinner. A dog provides built-in leftover cleanup.

5. A dog forces you to be a morning person. Or at least be a night person who's awake at the crack of dawn.

6. You are greeted with a wagging tail and happy face. Always.

7. The kids have a constant playmate. I'm sure the dog loves tea parties and dress-up!

8. Your kids will pick up their toys, knowing if they don't, they will become dog toys.

9. You'll have hours of built-in amusement. Who needs TV when you can watch a dog wrestle with her toy bear for 45 minutes?

10. You have a dog. And the house really isn't the same without one.


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Misty... Misty.Dawn

oh dear lord. Now people are gonna be all over you bcus "you put ur kid in a dog crate" or that u let your dog eat table scraps & not strictly dog food. Lol we have a Chug (chihuahua/pug) & shes just like one of our kids. Yeah, shes a handful...but just like this morning, i woke up with her snuggled all into me. Under the blanket, using my arm like a pillow. & shes soooo protective of our kids. She has to ride with me every morning to take my son to school (& WHINES when he gets out & starts walking away) & she has to go in the afternoons to pick him up. When we leave, we are greeted with such excitement. Its amazing. The cat..yeah, he couldnt care less lol dogs are awesome :) #10 is 100% true...the house isnt the same without one :)

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I wish we could but if a dog moved in my husband would have to move out. He sneezes if he walks past a poodle on the street, living with a dog would be hell for his nose.

mompam mompam

We have a Coton de Tulear - completely allergy free. He's great. And I haven't had a crumb on the floor since we got him. He even eats the crumbs off my son's clothes!

amazz... amazzonia

That's why I don't want a dog, I realize they're much more hard work than a kid and I have 2 toddlers at the moment, I don't need a dog to run after too! But when they get older I wold love a little puppy

cassi... cassie_kellison

We got a one year old German Sheperd at the begining of this month, and she is the most diffiuclt dog I have owned. Not saying she is this terrible beast dog, just very different. I have never had a dog, even in it's puppy stages that would chew ANYTHING!! Tags off of things like the bath mat, a random corner on my laptop (natually the corner with the power button, but it still works) kids toys, my sons hat made me the most angry. But she has great manners otherwise. I would just have to disagree with #4, sure I'm not vacuuming up food, but the HAIR!! I brush her every day because the hair kills me, and i still vacuum and go three passes every other day.

 But I love having a dog for my boys.

t0vanal t0vanal

@cassie_kellison  ---  My dog didn't stop chewing on things until he was 2.  After that it was just like he was done with that part of his life and he never chews things (he's 7 now).  He still sheds everywhere.  Just wanted to let you know that chewing (probably) won't last forever! :)

MIA0223 MIA0223

Uh, no thanks.

Dogs are disgusting to me. No way I would have one in my house or around my kids!!!

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

LOL, When Willow was a puppy we got a big wire crate (because she was going to grow into a big dog) and my daughter (age 8) loved climbing into the dog crate.  She thought it was great fun.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

11. Studies have shown that kids who grow up in a house with a dog/cat get sick less.

i keep telling my dad that when he won't stop about his grand sons being around my cats. Not sure he buys it.

nonmember avatar Mrs.Clark

Dogs are great. I had them as a kid. Howeverr i also remember my dad always being pissed off while cleaning dog crap in his yard. I don't want dog crap in my yard, or my house...so....thanks, but no thanks. Lol

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