Mom Finds Out 7-Year-Old Is 'Dead' From Facebook (VIDEO)

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Javier Ramirez fake FacebookI'm not sure if I'll ever get over the look in my daughter's eyes when she realizes someone is being mean to her. I suppose one day the look will disappear as she gets older, wiser, more jaded, but after 7 years as a mom, I still struggle to explain why people do cruel things. I wonder how Patricia Quintana explained to her 7-year-old why someone created a Facebook page that said he was dead.

Little Javier Ramirez is -- fortunately -- very much alive. But his mom started getting strange phone calls recently from hysterical friends who'd seen a memorial page on the social media site that said her son had been killed in a car accident.

Police have been investigating, and it seems like two teenagers who once went to daycare with Javier are to blame for creating the fake page they named R.I.P. #Liddo Honest. They thought it would be funny, not anticipating how this would affect his mom or how it might make the little boy feel. I'm betting they didn't expect 8,500-some people to "like" the page either.

But now little Javier does know about this, and when I watched him in TV interviews, he seemed confused. I can't blame him. I'm an adult, and I don't see the humor in all of this. I can't begin to guess why someone would make a Facebook page claiming a live person was dead, least of all a little kid. It's macabre humor at best, just plain sick at worst.

The trouble is these kinds of screwed up stories exist all around us, and we can't shield our kids from all of it.

Just like Javier, my daughter does hear about some of the bad things that happen. I can't help that, and if I'm really honest with myself, I know I shouldn't help it all.

The best we can do is give them homes full of love to counteract the bad, try to hide the worst of it, and let it in dribs and drabs so they can slowly begin to develop that hard shell you have to hide inside to live in such a callous world. Meanwhile, we have to teach them that they need to be the better person, be kind, generous, loving people ... the kind of people who would be horrified by a fake Facebook page that claims an innocent (and alive!) 7-year-old is dead.

Listen to this poor little guy trying to make sense of this: 

How do you talk to your kids about cruelty in the world?

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Momto... Momto3inMI

Sick!! All I have to say is look at the Parents.. That USUALLY can explain ALOT!! Pry growing up in an Unsupervised, Alcoholic, or Drug Addict Parents not giving a shit... So they get on the Computer n start bullying . Seen it a thousand times . Bet there was no consequences either. Such a shame. Whats even WORSE is seeing Adults who commit this kind of behavior. Pure sick ppl!!!

Linda Gray

Umm, there's no way a 13 n 14 yr old went to daycare with a 7 year old. Whats up with that

nonmember avatar alyssa

for all of u sayin there is no way he could have been in daycare with him they could have been it is called AFTER SCHOOL CARE and it doesnt really matter if they went to school with him or not that is just sick for someone to do that i have an 8yr old 4 yr old and 8 month old and lord help anyone that trys anything like this with them

alyssat4 alyssat4

for all of u sayin there is no way they could have been in day care together its called after school care where bigger kids go when they get outta school but it doesnt matter if he knew them or not that is sick for anyone too

jthom... jthompson1976

i don't think i would even tell some one at all that age to young to understand.. far as face book i thought you had be 18 even have a face book. not only blame this kids but wear is the parent why don't they no what there teens are doing...  i think parent to day let there kids do way to self i want to no wear my kids are what are they doing and who the parent  are way to many things go on in today world.

nonmember avatar Mary Cimino

This is a common occurence at my job, I work with bullied kids and the bullies as well. I'm tough on both parties. I don't shield my kids from the world, my 5 year old knows about bullies and to an extent violence, I sugar coat what I can but not all of it.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

@jthompson1976: you have to be 13 but a large number of parents set up accounts for their children who are under that age.

Readi... ReadingIsSexy27

The teenagers are wrong for doing this, but this poor boys parents are who really victimized him.  Why in the world did they even tell him about it?  Much less continue to bring it up and blow it up by forcing him to give TV interviews.

Alexis Eggleton

That's a terrible thing to do- I'm more concerned with what type of parenting the two teenagers have had!

Jen Neathery

Its sad when you almost have to fight for everything you say or do in this world today. There is no respect for authority and only regard for oneself and kids are growing up thinking its okay to hurt others at a very young age. A 7 year old and teenagers have no reason to even know one another unless it was through family or siblings. This should not be a slap on the wrist for the two that did this to that little boy and his family and friends. I agree with the community service and stuff. I cannot imagine losing a child and something like this done to a family is horrible. I have a little girl who is 8 and she has Autism. Its hard enough trying to explain why some kids are mean and hurtful to a normal child. Add more complex social issues and its downright heartbreaking.

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