Big, Bad Kindergartner Slaps Poor, Defenseless Principal

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Tcrayonshank god an assistant elementary school principal is still alive today. His recent "slapping" attack by a kindergartner must have been really scary. It's hard to know what's scarier, actually -- that, or the fact that someone supposedly called 911 on a 5-year-old, or commenters on a news site saying they wish they were that assistant principal so they could take that child over their knee "whipping his hind end quicker than he would of know and I bet he wouldn't of done that ever again."

But this story gets even scarier -- or funnier, depending how you look at it. Here is what appeared on the news site reporting the event:

The kindergartner has been suspended from school but was not arrested. The assistant principal wasn't seriously injured.

I'm laughing but only for five seconds until the tears of sadness overtake. This poor poor kid. Let's break it down:

The kindergartner has been suspended. Kids should not hit adults and that does need to be dealt with, but this really isn't the best way to create a positive, nurturing experience for a child during his first weeks of school ever. It is, however, probably a great way to ensure he or she will drop out by ninth grade.

But was not arrested. Was that even a consideration? Would the assistant principal have to take the stand? Do they make potties that small in prison?

The assistant principal wasn't seriously injured. At least not physically. No word about any short- or long-term mental trauma he or she may have had or might experience.

Sorry, but it's hard to be serious about a situation so absurd. The fact this even made online news wires is troubling, or a sign that it's a really really really slow news day. There are no details yet as to why this child attacked the principal, but it doesn't really matter. Something is going on with that kid, or with his parents, or both, and someone needs to find out what that is and step in gently and with compassion -- fast.

I don't know how I would react if the school called me to report my 5-year-old had slapped and scratched an educator, but I know exactly what I would do if I were that assistant principal. I would apply some Bacitracin and then give that kid the biggest hug in the world and tell him everything is going to be okay. Then call in the parents, psychologists, or even social services as necessary, but definitely leave men in uniforms carrying guns off the list. A gross overreaction or a zero tolerance policy gone totally out of control. Just no. No no no no no.

What's the best way to deal with a kindergartner who attacks a teacher or school staffer?


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Mrscj... Mrscjones

He's lucky all he got was a suspension. That's what he deserve. So many kids think its not my fault I'm bad its everybody else. He probably come from a household where they probably don't say he's a bad boy just misunderstood right.

witch... witchfantasy

Kids should respect their elders and should not hit them unless they are in a life threatening situation. That being said, calling the cops was too much. Honestly, 5 years old. You take the kids hand and say "NO! You don't hit." Seriously!

CPN322 CPN322

I am completely baffled that not one of those comments under the original artical addressed the ridiculousness of calling 911 because a 5 year old hit someone. He obviously needed to be punished, but I do worry about any children under the supervision of adults that feel the need to call the police to help because a 5 year old child hit a grown adult. Come on!

MomLi... MomLily67

"whipping his hind end quicker than he would of know and I bet he wouldn't of done that ever again." Why do I see this kind of grammatical error so often?? it is supossed to say : wouldn't have done that ever again......

curio... curious1145

This sounds like it was drawn way out of proportion, I don't think the police should have been called, but you would hug the kid??????? The kid must be punished. Suspension might be too much,but something,and in this case,some kind of punishment at home as well. He was extremely disrespectful to authority to an outrageous extreme. There's no mention of autism before anyone jumps in with that idea. Cynthia, your comment about hugging him is part of what's wrong with society today.

Logan... LoganTroyMom

the cops? really?? how about calling the PARENTS??



The parents should have been called to come and get the child and he/she should be suspended like any other child. Age shouldn't matter. I'm not sure why or who decides to call the police. It seems to be happening more and more.

And since when is it okay for a child to hit "anyone?"

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Don't laugh at the comments about him not being seriously injured. Between all the crap pumped in to kids now and parents keeping their kids home till they're six or seven there are some seriously huge kindergartners out there. By the end of kindergarten over half the kids in my sons class were taller than I was when I started high school and one was taller than I am now. Some are beefy too; I've heard of kindergartners being 50 or 60lbs. If a five year old kid standing 4'6" and weighing 55lbs comes at you what do you do? If you fight back you look like a jerk and if you're a teacher you risk your job. If you don't fight back that kid is big enough to do damage.

As for calling the cops, the school doesn't have many options. They're not allowed to fight back and they are very limited as far as restraining a child goes. If a kid is behaving like that there's a good chance the parents don't give a crap. So the school calls someone who can restrain the kid before they can hurt others.

Smoke... Smokeygirl

I agree with RhondaVeggie completely!  It's comments/articles like this that show how little respect people have for the education field.  Political correctness and lawsuit happy parents have cut all ability to effectively discipline out from under the teachers and principals and wonder why the cops get called in.

Some of these "big, bad kindergarteners" can do serious damage to their teachers.  One of my coworkers would go home with bite marks and bruises daily, but there was nothing that could be done about it- either the kid hit her or he hit the other students.  

nonmember avatar zizzler

@momlily67 It's likely because people speak the words as "Would've" (would have) but when they go to write it, they use "would of" because that seems more correct than a janky contraction like "would've" lol Oh english.... ANYHOW, it's silly to call 911 on a 5 year old, but I know the type who would do that. Derpy over reacting policy huggers who treat kids like criminals (even the completely innocent ones).

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