Superhero Dad Creatively Tricks Daughter Into Eating Lunch (PHOTOS)


lunch noteGetting kids to eat their lunches isn't always a walk in the park. Sometimes it requires a certain creativity -- hiding vegetables inside other foodstuffs that may be able to pass for something "unhealthy"; arranging fruits and nuts and raisins into a smiley face or a bunny or a unicorn; and of course -- the lunch note

Since the dawn of time, parents have been sending their kids off to school with sweet little notes in their lunch sacks. Partly to remind them how much they're loved; partly to entice them to eat what they packed for them. However, nobody -- seriously nobody -- is yet to pack a note as fantastically creative as the ones one father did for his 7-year-old daughter

Apparently, his daughter never ate her lunch at school -- ever. But then they watched The Avengers together and she loved it, so dad got an idea. He created some comic-esque drawings with what he refers to as his "pitiful art skills", along with a message, reminding his daughter to eat her lunch. The result? She's eaten her food every single day. Nice going, Dad!

lunch note

lunch note

What creative things have you done to get your little one to eat?

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LadyKiki LadyKiki

I like that Batman one ;-D.

I have tried a few things but Yo Gabba Gabba helped me a lot. The "Party in my tummy song" I use a lot. I will have my sons food "Talk" to him about going to the party in his tummy. He thinks it's funny and usually get's him to eat. Plus he loves singing that song.

corri... corrinacs

Yep LadyKiKi, me too.  My son was always into "feelings" so when we'd talk about the "carrots were sad" because they couldn't go to the "party in his tummy"...he was all over it :).

Katriena Young

Thats cute and cool. And his drawing skills are pretty good.

CPN322 CPN322

That is super sweet :) I always loved when my mom put notes in my lunch.

MomLi... MomLily67

Great idea!!  if you can't draw, print from internet and add the comments. I'll start doing that for my kid, even though she has no problem eating her lunch, wich has been basically the same forever..... 

Benjamín Palacios Gonzalo

The drawing could be better, but I guess it's just enough to motivate any child

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