Have You Had the Good Touch/Bad Touch Talk?

toilet paperNot to be the least bit inappropriate, but I have to share. A few nights ago my 5-year-old son was complaining about his rear-end hurting. We were out when he mentioned it and since he didn't make a big deal out of it, neither did I. But when we got home later and he was still complaining, I suddenly had one of those worse-case scenario, flashing mommy thoughts. "Did anyone touch you, baby?" I blurted out only slightly concealing my growing panic. "Anyone at all? Your friend, a teacher, did anyone touch your private parts?!"


"Umm, no," he said, totally confused by my line of questioning. Turns out, he had something that looked like slight diaper rash. (This is TMI, but his wiping could definitely be better.)

IsaacsMom798 an actual survivor of molestation herself, boldly asks other moms when and how one should talk to kids about inappropriate touch. This should theoretically be an ongoing, age-appropriate conversation that last well into the teens. But many times, it's easier said than done. Mom ReneeK3, answered back with a helpful link to a parent's brochure about good and bad touch. Here's some of what was shared:

It's bad touch if it hurts you.

It's bad touch if someone touches you where you don't want to be touched.

It's bad touch if someone tells you not to tell.

Have you had a talk with your child about good and bad touch? If you haven't yet, maybe now is the time!
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