Homeschooled Kids Are Making Our Education System Look Bad

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homeschoolThe back-to-school sales and clothes and backpacks and all those little things you didn't think you needed but have convinced yourself your kids have to have are probably making your head spin. It can be a really stressful time of year. Parents worry about all the stuff we can't control at school and kids do, too. Will they get good grades? How will the teacher be? Will other students pick on them? Homeschoolers don't have to deal with any of that. No measuring up to other kids, no awkward lunchroom moments, no raising a hand to ask to go to the bathroom. No worrying about having the coolest pair of sneakers because, well, shoes aren't needed around the house.

Homeschooling sure sounds great, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'm cut out for it because ... well, what if I totally mess that up and I end up being the worst teacher ever therefore making my kids F students? But apparently many parents are doing a much better job of teaching their kids than some schools.

Not only is homeschooling becoming more mainstream, but the kids are turning out smarter. Parents who teach their kids at home are scoring 37 points higher on standardized tests than typical schooled kids. That's quite a jump. And if you're worried about socialization, dad Phil Giannotti debunks the whole isolated homeschooled kid with no friends myth on He says there are meet-ups with other homeschooled kids, plenty of local activities planned on a family's own time, museum trips, proms, and even sports, where homeschoolers can often join a school's team.

Homeschooled kids never have to worry about the bully at the bus stop, the kids doing drugs under the bleachers, the condition of the classrooms, or the nutritional value of the lunch being served. Considering the state of some of our schools, homeschooling sure sounds great. And it's certainly cheaper than private school.

We are our kids' first teachers. I shouldn't be so worried thinking I couldn't be their teacher now.

Do you homeschool? What was your decision to do so? Parents of kids in public or private school: Do you think your child would do better homeschooled?


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nonmember avatar Lil

I don't think my children would do better being home schooled. I think they learn a more valuable lesson seeing their parents volunteer at their public school and working for a greater good, versus simply taking care of their own.

momof... momof030404

We just had a hurricane come through and the kids missed 3 days of school. They will not be made up and parents were THRILLED about this. Chicago teachers are on strike for themselves and their unions. Kids will be missing school and it wont be made up. Also down here they decided that school could not start more than 2 weeks before labor day and MUST end before memorial day....why? For TOURISM $$! The problem with the public schools is priorities. I never thought I could home school but I do. Grammatical mistakes I male while being silly online not withstanding I do actually know how to speak and write correctly. There are also these amazing things called TEACHERS manuals :) The thing about homeschooling is that the parents are involved and the teachers really give a damn. The fact that they are the same person is irrelevant. You need both those components to make a successful student. As for socialization.....holy crap. I have had to finally start saying NO so we can stay HOME and learn! We have co op every Thursday. Every other Wed we have art history AT the art museum, the first Mon of every month we have Junior master gardeners. We have two field trips this month in addition to learning lunches at our local museum! THIS month a woman with ancestors on the Titanic will be speaking, in costume, of their ordeal! What a way to learn! This surprises me not even a little......

Heather Duso Johnson

If I ever have a child, it will be homeschooled.  We live in an awful school system and honestly even the "good" ones aren't as good anymore.  Michigan changed the funding of schools shortly after  I graduated and I don't think it helped the poor districts as much as it hurt the rich districts.   So that's one reason but the other I'm seeing in my friend's kids or nieces that live in crappy districts, the smart kids are being held back.  I swear we are the only school system in the world that cares more about the kids that might strive to work at Walmart, but hold the future doctors, engineers and lawyers back.  Sure it gets better in jr and sr high school, but you bore a smart kid in their childhood and they will learn to hate schoool.  

Flori... Floridamom96

That's because our school system IS bad.

momof... momof030404

They might learn a "lesson" lil but not much else. My girls both went through middle school as straight A kids. My youngest was in the national elementary honor society. I volunteered up that school ALL the time! So tell me how when we started averages this year my HONOR ROLL kids could not add more than 4 double digit numbers in a row correctly and could not do long division? I was SHOCKED. I pulled them from public school because the local middle schools are so awful. I was so upset to learn how much they had missed in elementary school. 

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I'll never homeschool my children. I gained so much from being in school- made lifelong frieds, took up sports i didn't originally think i'd try, and developed as a person. I culdn't imagine having my kids miss out on great experiences like school plays, sports teams with friends, inter-school debating competitions, i think things like that are too valuable to miss.

Rebecca Peterson

I think homeschool is really great for kids, because you can tailor the education. Instead of sitting in class bored because you're "learning" the water cycle again, for the 3rd time THAT YEAR, you could be at home with an education plan that works for you. Breeze through English? 15/20 minutes and you're done. Struggle through math? Spend a longer time on that section; it's no big deal to run longer or shorter than the "average school day" most of classwork is busy work anyway since teachers HAVE to send home homework. I've been in private schools, homeschool and public school, and I defintely liked homeschool the best because I could breeze through most of my classes, vs going to school, already knowing the material and being bored out of my mind, resulting in lower grades because I just didn't care.

Jenniy Jenniy

I might start homeschooling this year, his school is refusing to give him an IEP and last year practically shoved the option at me.

Hyppy... Hyppychick

We're homeschooling for the first year this year.  The school district is one of the worst in the region.  We're in the district for the worst elementary school in the county.  And a crack house blew up across the street from the school last April and is still there - still a complete mess.  Then you add in a recent standardized test cheating scandal (the teachers were erasing kid's answers and marking the correct answers) and overcrowded classrooms with Zero Tolerance rules.  I refused to put my child into that environment.  As for socialization, we actually have more time for that!  Unlike her friends who have 60 minutes of homework every night (IN KINDERGARTEN!), we have time for soccer and volunteering at our church.  She is also going to go with me when I volunteer at our local food pantry so you can give your child all those lessons you think they need in life.  As for prom and other social events like that, our local homeschool co-op has that and a yearbook every year!

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