Little Girl Takes Down Big Bully Teacher in One Fell Swoop (VIDEO)

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It's easy to think that kids all over the world are incredibly different, but they're not. Kids are kids. In countries everywhere, they love Harry Potter, hate Brussels sprouts, and like to secretly videotape things. Oh, and they don't like being bullied. And they really don't appreciate being bullied by adults. Especially adult teachers. So add all of those elements together (except Harry Potter and Brussels sprouts) and you've gone one helluva hysterical comeuppance video, smuggled straight out of the depths of Somewhere, Russia. Watch as this quiet little girl suddenly gets totally fed up with being abused in front of the whole class. If your jaw doesn't drop open when you see what she does, then your jaw must be wired shut.

In this video, you see a cute little girl in pigtails, glasses, and a plaid jumper dress. And you see a big meanie in the form of her very large, very angry teacher. He's got the little girl in front of the entire class and is lighting into her, Russian style. But I happen to be fluent in Russian, so I'll translate it for you:

You stupeed liddle gurl ... you clearly do not understand that Stalin is much more important than Justin Beeeeber! You are an embarreeesmunt to the parteee! Do you know gulag?!

Okay, so the teaching style in Russia might be a tad more theatrical than in the U.S. But this little girl doesn't look like she's causing any trouble. She just stands there, quietly mortified, taking all the abuse this dude is dishing out.

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But then he makes a mistake. A beeeeeg mistake. He pokes her in the head. Not once, not twice, but threeeee times. And then she's had it. Watch her quickly morph from shy, frightened little mouse to badass international superagent of girl powah!

Was that righteous or what? Bet that dude won't be bullying little girls any time in the near future. He's hopefully home with an ice pack on his crotch.

Did this teacher have it coming?


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abra819 abra819

If that were my kid I would set him on FUCKING FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mandi... mandiluwho

Freaking amazing. The second a teacher puts his hands on one of my children, I hope they knock their ass out. Good for her!!

jessi... jessicasmom1

haha well I think he should keep his hands to himself NOT pushing against that little girls head like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good for her!

Mary Ciulla

I love what the little girl did, but I'm afraid she will get punished for it.  I doubt if the teacher will be fired.  He is a real bully and an a/h.

Kimber McLeod

Belittlement is no way to teach a child. I say Good for her! let me tell you if it were MY Kid he would be happy a kick to the balls from a little girl is all he got.

Sarita Nichole

lol If it was real then he got what was coming


TheSh... TheShryocks

I can NOT believe he touched her! L Yeah I want my kid to do the same!!

onefo... onefootcutiepie

Um. That little girl will likely be punished and the teacher will not be fired. This is not funny at all.

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