Parting at Kindergarten Drop-Off Is Such Sweet, Sweet Sorrow

Mom Moment 20

My son recently started kindergarten.

This is a pretty awesome event, mostly because I can take random photos of him and his wee backpack to play at his wedding some years down the road. I'm a total sucker for a good montage and he knows it. I only hope his bride-to-be can handle the awesome montage I put together.

Anyway, I digress.

The kid started school, which appears to last about 45 minutes, which does NOT jive well with my memories of school lasting 45 million hours, but then again, I wasn't picking myself up and transporting myself somewhere else.

Which is what I do. Every day.

And honestly, I don't mind it. I work from home, which means that my dimply white butt remains firmly planted on my desk chair, barely getting up to eat lunch or do other frivolous things like "load the dishwasher" or "take a pee in private." Without having to get off my butt, I'd not remember to take some very much needed time out-of-doors and away from the computer.

We're good, my son and I, as we walk hand-in-hand to the car, which I've parked a good distance away, knowing that walk is always good for stretching mah muscles and talking to my kid a bit about his day. We chatter on until we reach the car, where I hand him his snack and get ready to take him back to preschool to finish out his school day with his sister and the other children.

For the fifteen minutes we drive, we're fine. Jamming to tunes, rocking the suburbs, we do it all.

And then, once we pull into the preschool's driveway, the same woman who's been teaching him since he was a wee tot, and the place where his younger sister - and lunch! - is patiently waiting for him. That's when the troubles begin.

First, he grabs onto my arm like it's the one thing saving him from drowning, tears welling in his bright eyes. "Mommy," he drags out into at least five seconds.

Patiently, I lean down and kiss his snack-covered face, hugging him in his car seat, his spindly arms wrapped awkwardly around me. "Mama, can I please come home with you?"

My heart sinks a little bit. He can't - I have to work and he has the energy of, well, a 5-year old, and I'm almost entirely certain the meetings I have lined up won't be thrilled about a kindergartner making fart jokes in the background.


So I tell him what I've rehearsed a thousand times, a sentence that barely makes sense, as I'm barely able to say goodbye to a houseplant without mourning it. I once tried to sit Shiva for a broken ice maker, but I'm not Jewish and it didn't help even a little.

"J," I start, "Remember: We say goodbye so we can say hello again."

"Don't say that," he sputters. "IT MAKES IT WORSE."

I nod, because I get it. With all the changes going on in my home, knowing that I'll be able to "say hello again" after I "say goodbye to the life I've built," is about as comforting as hugging a cactus.

Hand-in-hand we walk up the front steps, both of us pretending we are NOT sniffling, then through the front door. A gaggle of Alex's friends and classmates meet us there and suddenly I'm surrounded by tiny people who like me to hug them. I hug each of them individually while Alex clings to my leg, my daughter to my butt. It's like a gigantic group hug.

Except at the end, the other kids - including my daughter - scamper off and pick something to play with while I'm mired in place, Alex's 60 pounds keeping me right where he wants me.

"Alex," the teacher says. "I've got a Batman cape for you to wear today!"

His face breaks into a smile and he dashes over to get Bat-suited up while I prepare to leave. "I'll see you later," I call over the din of tiny superheroes.

I walk out and down the steps, my hand now vacant, wishing that I, too, had a Batman cape to make me feel a bit better.

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Rebec... Rebecca7708

Today was my son's first day of pre school. When I dropped him off, I guess I lingered too long, because he asked, " Aren't you leaving? Go ahead, go! ".

GlowW... GlowWorm889

^ That happened when I used to be a camp counselor in college. I used to laugh when even our youngest campers (5-6 year olds) would get dropped off in the morning. Mom and Dad would be busy reassuring their son/daughter that they'd come back for them at 5 and not to be scared. Said son/daughter would be like "Yep, yep, uh-huh. Bye now. See ya!" Cue crushed look from Mom/Dad and a chuckle from all the adults in the room. We even had one kindergartener whose Mom came on a field trip with us. He spent the entire morning mortified that his mom was coming with him and his friends on the trip. Of course, once she came he was glued to her side, but it was hilarious to hear him go on and on about how he couldn't believe his mother was coming in the exasperated, embarassed tone kids use. XD

Misty... Misty.Dawn

The first 3 or so days of kindergarten, my son didnt want me to leave him. Now im lucky if i get a high five to say goodbye (no kisses in front of his friends!) he tells the dog bye every single day. I was excited yesterday bcus he turned around & said "bye Mishka! Bye Mommy!" today, mommy didnt get a second thought :(

jessi... jessicasmom1

lol I was so upset dropping DD off that first day  of many years to come . now she don't even want me around the bus lol

godde... goddess99

Lol cute. My dd loved kindergarten. I had a harder time when I put her on the bus for the first time when she went to preschool.

lalas... lalasmama2007

My dd started kindergarten this year and she LOVES it! She gets disappointed on the weekend when she can't go to school =)

sukainah sukainah

I cried when I dropped my son off at Pre-school the first time...he was fine with it all LOL

Krist... KristinRox

With my first kindergartner it was pretty good. She walked in like she owned the place and was absolutely fine with me leaving. She waved and said.. you can leave now. I cried when I left that building. It was hard for ME to let go. My second kindergartner was a whole other story. She cried, and clung to me like someone was going to light her on fire. It was awful. She begged me not to leave her.. she completely, totally panicked. The teacher scooped her up in her arms and gave her a hug, and tried to talk to her. It took a couple of teachers to preoccupy her so I could leave. I cried for the entire day. When she got off the bus she said "Im NEVER going back, I quit". So the next two weeks of school was basically her begging not to go, and me crying everyday that I had to make her go. It was awful. This year she is in grade 1.. the first couple of days have been a little rocky.. she cries, and is genuinely upset that she has to leave me. 

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