Gift Guide, Big Kids: Head of the Class

Hey holiday shopping mommys, what will you get the "Head of the Class" big kid in your life? A child's quest for learning is never-ending, and I've found some wonderful, fun (affordable!) educational toys and books to keep their growing minds extra sharp. All throughout Daily Buzz this week, we are listing the A-Z of cool holiday gift ideas to help lighten your load. Check them all out!


Product: Junior World Puzzle Ball

Cost: $14.95

Where to Buy: Leaps and Bounds Holiday Catalog

Extras: Stand and puzzle guide included. 5" diameter assembled.

Why I Love It: Who's ever heard of a round puzzle?! If you're just introducing geography or already have a geo-buff in the house, this 96-piece puzzle is perfect for passing time constructively. It's even numbered on back for beginners. The cool thing is that fits together perfectly with absolutely no glue, and you end up with a handsome globe--without spending handsome globe cash. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Product: Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything In It                                by Sundee T. Frazier

Cost: $17.99

Where to Buy:

Why I Love It: This book gets 5 stars everywhere! It's a top pick on Al Roker's Book Clubs for Kids and on Oprah's Book Club Kid Reading List too. This one is a goodie especially for boys who might've gotten a little bit lazy on the reading tip. Brendan is a ten-year-old tae kwon do blue belt who is totally into top-secret scientific discoveries. And he's found something totally top secret. The grandpa he's never met--a man who's skin is pink, not brown like Brendan's. Hmmm. Recommended reading level ages 9-12.

Product: Math Blaster

Cost: $24.99 - 29.99

Where to Buy:

Extras: Some CDs are downloadable.

Why I Love It:  Although slightly underrated when compared to more popular learning systems, in the Math Blaster world, the universe is counting on your kid to save humanity. How's that for special treatment? If that's not enough, while she's fighting the good fight, your kid can master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players blast through space while completing math worksheets, puzzles and brainteasers--ones that may leave their parents stumped! It's great that there is a software program for kids of all ages up to 12 or pre-algebra, whichever comes first. 

Product: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Box Set: Dealing with Dragons/Searching for Dragons/Calling on Dragons/Talking to Dragons                 by Patricia C. Wrede

Cost: $16.29

Where to Buy:

Extras: It's a box set that comes with four separate books!

Why I Love It:  The most obvious reason? Princess Cimerone simply refuses to be proper. Who can't identify with that? A reader review sums it up best: "Cimorene is a solid, likable heroine who doesn't like being a stuffy princess, and much prefers keeping house for a dragon, learning magic, and cooking cherries jubilee." Hmph. I like a girl with many layers, and so does a legion of Cimerone tween and teen fans. Best for young adult readers.

Find more gifts for Big Kid Game Boarders, Creative Kiddos, Techno-Saurses, and Sports Lovers by checking back here everyday this week--and be sure to stay tuned for those coveted stocking stuffers!

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